If you find it hard to play Pekka deck, you need to try this Crazy Pekka cycle deck Clash Royale. Easy gameplay with synergy support for Pekka. Let’s see how to get easy win with Pekka deck Clash Royale in super cycling cards flow. The crazy Pekka cycle deck Clash Royale is coming up right now! 


Hi there, it’s me JohnnyBoy and today I will give you another useful article guide about crazy Pekka cycle deck Clash Royale. We will have plenty of cheap cards and so we will get Pekka so soon, crazy cycle Pekka. 

Crazy Pekka cycle deck Clash Royale


Average elixir cost : 3.3

Play This Deck

Pekka is the primary counter card. Use her in defense and counter. If using Pekka in defense, send the cheap cards to help giving distraction for enemy’s troops. 


Bomber is ground area dealer which we use to support Pekka in countering and defending. Make sure you put Bomber behind Pekka so he would live longer and continuously giving its excellent area damage. 


Baby Dragon functions to handle air units, otherwise we can combine it with Pekka or Valkyrie to defend. Since it has reliable HP, we can set it to be a tiny tanker. Send the cheap cards behind tiny tanker to complicates enemy’s countering. 


Valkyrie is a ground tiny tanker which we use mainly for defense. Combine Valkyrie with Pekka is one of best way to initiate counter attack. Start with defending solo Valkyrie, then deploy Pekka on the bridge. 

ice-spirit-card-clash-royale-kingdomSkeletons-Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom-common card

Ice Spirit and Skeletons are the cheap cards which we use to complicate enemy’s defense and counter. Send these troops after you have Pekka or Valkyrie, it would give significant impact, trust me. 

Minions Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

Minions is also the cheap cards which we send after we have Pekka, Valkyrie, or Baby Dragon. 

Remember, deploy cheap cards continuously on the bridge after Pekka gets into enemy’s lane. If you don’t have Pekka upfront, don’t continuously deploy cheap cards, mind your elixir. 

Attacking and defending 

Well, the basic attacking and defending in this crazy Pekka deck is easy. I recommend you to play defensive and go on defending at first move. 

Send tiny tanker first. It could be Valkyrie, Baby Dragon or even Pekka. Choose the appropriate counter card according to what is coming. 


Choose appropriate defense troops

Then, send the cheap cards, could be Minions, Ice spirit, Skeletons or Bomber to help your tiny tanker. Make sure you have solid defense here. 

Your countering would be after defending. Send Pekka on the bridge as counter attack initiation. 

Non stop until enemy runs out of elixir 

However, if you already deploy Pekka for defense, wait till Pekka reaches the bridge and send the cheap cards to support. 

If Pekka can’t connect to tower, the others will

Besides sending cheap cards, you can also send Baby Dragon or Bomber behind Pekka. 

Keep in mind, make sure to deploy one of area dealer behind Pekka because she needs it. Then, after you have area dealer behind Pekka, the main job is already done. Continue with deploying cheap cards like crazy. 

Pekka is very strong only if you know how to play her

If necessary, deploy Arrows to give extra help in case you meet with Minion horde. 

Well, that’s basically the way to counter and defend. Easy right? 


There you go. I wish you good luck in the next match with this crazy Pekka cycle deck. See you again!