Good evening guys! Come back again with me, JohnnyBoy.

Today is a special day for me because I’m going to share something different. There is no serious strategy here or what so ever that I am about to tell you.

I’m going to share my experience playing using troll deck and it even only costs 1.7 elixir average. I actually follow the deck combination from some professional players which play using troll decks.

When I play use this strategy I don’t even know how to win with no hard card in the deck. Alright, I’m going to give you my list, in case you want to try playing troll deck.

Deck matchups

Average elixir cost : 1.7


Play This Deck


Goblins Family

When playing troll deck, you better bring goblins.

Due to their fast movement and for low elixir cards, they have, let’s say, reliable HP.

In my game, they function as tiny tank for spear goblins, fire spirits, and ice spirits.

You should enclose spear gobs in your deck as strikers since they can throw their spears from distance and also they are fast.

Goblins family and the bats (i replace the log with bats)


Fire spirits can diminish the spawners and also any enemy troops once the crash themselves.

You put the fire spirits right in the middle of the goblins so the enemy’s won’t hit them at first.

Ice spirits function to put damage on enemy and also silent the enemy’s tower and troops for seconds.

It is so useful to push our attack so while goblins, spear goblins, and fire spirits are coming to enemy’s tower, it can crash itself and silent the enemy’s tower.

It will give some time for our troops to put damage on enemy’s tower without getting hit.

don’t worry about swarmy

fire spirit to silent enemy tower



Skeletons can distract enemy’s hard troops.

Since we have no defensive troops, we can only rely on distraction strategy.

Put the skeletons in the middle, goblins or spear gobs back up, and our tower will help the troops attacking the enemy.

So, the enemy troops such as witch, wizard, P.E.K.K.A, or etc. will be distracted and it gives our towers some time to attack them.

Spell cards


Zap can be a card for attack and defense.

When enemy launches archers, or any troops, you can easily zap them out and their HP will be loosen

So, our tower and troops won’t take long time to finish them.

We can also put zap to finish enemy’s towers which are already in low HP.

You can zap for many times to finish the towers but you should mind your card rotation and so you have zap available and be able to put on enemy’s incoming troops.

the Log

Log can be very useful to handle swarmy, even you can use it to hit the enemy’s tower.

The Log can anticipate enemy’s attack by pushing them away.

So, we can deploy other cards in the middle and distract them.

Meanwhile, our towers will attack them; log can give some distance for our tower

The short range troops (melee) such as hog, Valkyrie, or etc. will get attacked more because of the distance.

Or else, if you find the enemy’s tower has only low HP you can deploy log right on the bridge.

It will give some damage to the tower and you will be easier to destroy it.

Just wait for the next log, and deploy it again on the bridge and the enemy’s tower will be destroyed.

Mirror Card

The last card you should enclose in your deck is mirror card.

Mirror card costs the same elixir depending on what card you launch before.

So, it will be so beneficial if we can double up our cheap cards.

You can double up your log to destroy the enemy’s low HP tower,

Double up goblins or spear goblins to make aggressive attack,

Or else, you can double up the zap to destroy the enemy’s troops or tower in the critical time.

You can double up any cards you want.


The key using troll deck is to give you fast card rotation and if you lucky enough you will get 100% win or one enemy’s tower destroyed. 


You can use any cards to attack and any cards for defense.

Be wise in launching the cards, once the enemy attacks, all of your focus should be on defending your tower.

Fire spirits can be the card that protect other card or the card which are protected by other card.

You better play troll deck in lower arena with lower enemy’s level

Once again, it’s just for fun and you won’t likely to win the battle against the same level enemy.

Once you attack, deploy all cards but still be wise about the positioning.

That’s the troll deck combination if you want to get some fun. 

Have you ever played with troll deck? How’s the deck combination? If you have better suggestion or comment, please feel free to leave your comment below. Cheers!