What’s up champs! Verd here back with some weird info once again. May you never read this one, here we go!!


I’d like to share my funny experience in playing this game. Some are hilarious mistakes which I believe you have done it yourself. So, let us be fools together guys!


Spend Elixirs Like A Fool

When you think your tank is still capable of protecting your striker and you launch the wizard, let’s say to attack the enemy’s tower. In fact, the enemy will easily kill your tank and your supporting goes dead themselves without any tank and any backups. Be patient and pay attention to that elixir bar.



Only Fools Rush in

When you have the advantage and you decide to rush your attack. And!! It backfires, you got countered, yeah laugh at yourself don’t get angry because it’s your mind that stupid. It’s better to wait for your elixir to regent first. So, you can deliver your best attack once again. Instead, you fools and I myself keep pushing till it reaches zero elixirs and can’t do anything about the counter-attacking.



Stupid Placement

Face large forces and you decide to deploy whatever in your deck and confident they can stop them. When it fails it comes to the regrets and the epic fail of your stupidity. 



Missing Arrows

Don’t laugh! I know you have done this. When your mind tells you to deploy the arrows with confidence but, it hits nothing. The epic fails just happened cause you believe 100% that you can bring them down while it shocks you for you miss those troops. And you realize your mind is just stupid because of the decision.



Resurrected The Crown Tower

You just fail to deliver a spell that ended up touching the enemy’s crown tower. Always mind your deploying placement, guys! Never let this kind of mistakes cost some trophies!



Being Carried Away

Sounds like a romantic problem, huh? Nope, kidding mate. In playing the game sometimes you get carried away too much. When the opponents are attacking you, you sometimes tend to rush your attack back at them without thinking the cost of it. That is what happened when you are not being patient in the game. So, yeah be patient. 



That’s is guys! Let’s call it a day for a stupidity now! If have some any fun experience you can share here with us!