How’s your day champs! Verdaccio here, Today I’m going to discuss the most awesome common cards which I think it’s safe to say can equally stand beside rare or even epic cards. Without any more intros, here we go!


These are the cards:

Skeletons-Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom goblins-card-clash-royale-kingdom fire_spirits-card-Clash-royale-kingdom zap-card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom knight-card-clash-royale-kingdom bomber-card-clash-royale-kingdom barbarians-card-clash-royale-kingdom


Here we go!

Skeletons, a tiny little walking bone, it costs only 1 Elixir to deploy them. The cards is just forever meta, if you know how to use them, you’re a winner in every battle. You can use the Skeletons to kite any damage dealer, or even to sacrifice them so as to make your other troops free from damage. You can kill sparky with this trick, you can make a P.E.K.K.A waste its HP on them. And! You can make a Giant Skeleton end up chasing this 3 walking bones instead of walking towards your tower.

These hot balls are just awesome. The most efficient card in defending your base. It can really put you on the advantage in Elixir trade. They can wipe any swarm army which cost more than them. The Barbarians, Minions, Minion Horde, they’re nothing but dead meat when you use the Fire Spirit to face them. And! They can be an awesomely synergized with some of the building-targeting card like the Hog and Balloon.


Top… Right?

Goblins, this card is a phase of the Skeletons before they die. Even a green creature has the same bone a decent creature. The purpose of using this card is pretty much the same with the Skeletons. The main job is to kite any high damage dealer. Also, it can deal some more damage than the Skeletons. So, that’s why this card is just worth to be included in your deck. 2 Elixirs is just perfect for them.



Zaappp!! Yesss… Zap it zap it zap it Yesss…

A guy with a yellow mustache with a high amount of health is just another level of tanks. This one is one of the cheapest tanks in the arena. It only costs you 3 elixirs to deploy this guy. He can be really helpful as a diversion. Yup, that’s right, sorry man you’re a dead meat. In defending, you can use this guy to go on the front line so your damage dealer can shoot the enemy’s support. While in attacking, you can use this guy as the main shield against a countering card.

The four Ed Sheerans are here. Ready to attack!!! Well, these guys have come from the Casterly Rock. Never see them as a useless cards. These yellow hair guys are just another level of a swarm army. You might want to include them in your game plan whenever you want to play defensively.

Just 7? Wait…

We acquire the data from some research in how many times we see the common cards are used in a thousand deck, a thousand enemy. And these 7 cards is the most popular.


This one is a recommended card which can make your opponent put their angry motion. The bomber can execute all of the skeleton armies which often deployed to block your giant’s way. They can instantly wipe them all and so your giant won’t get attacked anymore. When you launch the giant at the first place, see what cards does the enemy launch. If they try to block your hog using skeletons army or any troop numbers, you launch bomber. Bomber works the same to your defense. It can erase the spawners, in case you find the enemy plays spawners. When you go defense or counter using bomber, you have to be smart at placing it. Meaning, you better launch the bomber when enemy’s troops target on your tank, so the bomber is invisible yet he is breakneck.

Well, if you have some suggestions, though, leave us a comment!! Peace out!