Good morning clashers! How are you today? I’m back again, JohnnyBoy, and I bring something really special that no one ever done this before. In this beautiful Friday, we are gonna be taking a look at a Hog Rider Deck combined with Lumberjack and Clone spell. This is gonna be interesting because once you heard clone the Lumberjack, it means that we would have 2 rage effect during countering. Moreover, we will multiply the Hog Rider too. My purpose of making this article is that I want you to know that tricks with clone are plenty. And this one is rare. Clone the bomb carrier might be common among people, but this one, I’m sure it’s pretty rare among players. Alright, here we are using Clone Lumberjack Hog Rider Deck.


Our main focus in today’s deck is to counter with Hog Rider and Lumberjack followed by support using Clone. This is gonna be easy. But before we discuss the strategy in depth, let’s take a look what we have in deck matchups

Deck matchups


Average elixir cost : 3.6

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As you can see, we will have Freeze and Mirror Card included here.

mirror w350Freeze

It seems like we will have the same troops more than one. We can multiply Musketeer using Mirror Card. This seriously helps your defense. 2 Musketeer with one higher level mirrored would strengthen your defense line excellently. I primarily use Mirror Card for defense purposes only. It’s often for me to double up Baby Dragon too. If I fight against tanker followed by many troops behind, I will double up the Dragon. 2 Baby Dragons could easily execute the supports of tankers.

Here also, we have Freeze. This spell I use specifically to support countering line. Especially if your enemy plays with building card. You can freeze on the tower along with the building card and let your countering line deliver damage on the tower. Building card is a distraction for hog rider. And if it is Inferno Tower or Tesla, Hog Rider could’ve died in a sec. That’s one of my biggest reason to bring Freeze spell.

Freeze the bursting fire!


Not forget to mention that we have Valkyrie as well. We are gonna match her with Hog Rider. She is considerably one of perfect troops to be matched with Hog Rider. If you play with Hog Rider, you must have at least one area dealer. In this deck, we have 2 area dealers; Baby Dragon and Valkyrie. In supporting counter with Hog Rider, we send the Valkyrie first to be in front of the rider. And baby dragon backs him up from behind. This combo is our primary combo, and we will learn how to counter using this combo later.

Talking about Valkyrie, remember that this area dealer could be a perfect support for Lumberjack. We can set combo Valkyrie and Lumberjack as counter alternative combo. In addition, we will clone them once the enter the enemy’s territory.

Lumberjack after defending with Valkyrie is an aftershock

What to do in early battle? (1-2 minutes)

Since we don’t have expensive troops in the deck, we can actually run combo Hog Rider with Baby Dragon. But, better if we play defensively first. If you have Baby Dragon ready on the list, we can leash the dragon for card rotation. Send the dragon from behind the crown tower.

Then, if enemy finally shuts the Baby Dragon, defend the lane with Valkyrie or mirrored Baby Dragon. Just play with these two cards more often in early game. And if you defend with Valkyrie, you will be able to enclose either Hog Rider or Lumberjack to counter together with survived Valkyrie. Or else, you can send Musketeer to defend against incoming air troops.

The strategy in early battle is that we defend with one area dealer and succeed the defense. Once the area dealer survives, we enclose Hog Rider or Lumberjack to attack together with our survived area dealer. That’s the key of countering in early battle.

You enclose Hog Rider or Lumberjack on the bridge right before the Valkyrie or Baby Dragon enter the enemy territory. This is classic combo of Hog Rider and you should know this.

This is the basic counter

In late game (2x elixir)

Alright, in 2x elixir, we can play the spells; Clone, Freeze, Mirror. Still run the strategy like you do in early battle; send Hog Rider or Lumberjack on the bridge followed by survived area dealer. Nah, here you leash the Clone on them in countering. This will harm the enemy either troops or towers. You’ll have enough elixir for this.

utilize the middle space area

After we run the counter with clone, we should focus on defense again. This time, we play with Mirror Card. Multiply Musketeer or Baby Dragon in defending. After they are multiplied and finish defending, they will continue counter attack. Nah, here we enclose the Hog Rider on the bridge. And deploy clone spell on those troops. Here, we will have clone from mirrored troops and there would be many troops in countering. Remember to always have one area dealer, can be Baby Dragon or Valkyrie.

Extra tips

I already gave you the key of countering, always have Hog Rider enclosed in front of survived defenders. There’s another thing you should remember. Always have one area dealer in defending. Launch the Baby Dragon (if you defend against air troops) or Valkyrie first. Then, deploy Musketeer to strengthen defense. These defenders will be more likely survive from the defense. If you need more troops, leash another area dealer.

Mirror the Musketeer in defending

Play Freeze more often if you fight against enemy who brings building card. Destroy the building card first with any troops. Complete the mission with Freeze spell so the building will be silent and not fight back your troop.


Well, what do you think about the strategy? Oh, you can run Hog Freeze combo in right timing. This is a very simple strategy battle with Lumberjack and clone in Hog Rider Deck. Please let me know what I miss by leaving your comment in discussion section below. And don’t hesitate to ask me you might doubt of or request any deck recommendation. See you again in the next article.

Have fun!