Make sure that brown tea light up your mood. All of you like tea? I hope so. But we’re not in an English class. Don’t drink too much alcohol though. It feels good but it will not make you win a Clash Royale battle.


Well, tell me in the comment section if my introduction paragraph sucks mate, it’s okay haha. Alright, back to the game. Today is the first week of December and we are just like 23 days away from the new year and that is a proof that today is a beautiful day.

To celebrate this beautiful day, I think it is great to start the day with a discussion of a particular card. I think this card is quite a popular one. I bet some of you also put it as your favourite card.

So, the card that we will talk about right now is a spell card and it is called the Clone!


Just like what it is called, Clone Spell is a spell card that helps your troops to be cloned! So basically, the Spell card will help you to double all of your troops on the battlefield.



It wouldn’t clone a building though but here some exciting abilities if you are able to get it onto your decks.

The card looks like the light blue liquid, the same where later the cards that cloned will look like a light blue shadow of the real troop.

The spell is categorized as an epic card where you can find and unlock it as soon as you reach the arena 8 (Frozen Peak). You will need to spend 3 of your elixir if you want to see that blue shadows of your troops in the arena.

Creating the Shadows

The spell card can clone all of your troops, makes you able to create a twin of your troops. Not only for a single card like a tank, it also can clone the swarm armies like skeleton army or the goblins.

And that is exactly the most useful advantage that you will get. When you decide to use the Spell card into the swarm armies then it will double them up and make them a much stronger side. As they become so many they can easily do their job quicker than usual.

The same with the swarm army, the Clone Spell will be very effective to use with a tank. For example, if your Golem is able to arrive right in front of the enemy’s tower then you can use the card to clone the Golem it will double their power and could easily destroy the tower.


The shadows of the rocks crashing down a tower

The Clone could be a very fun yet effective card to use as you can create every troop’s shadow. To make the clone of three musketeers would be devastating as it can create up to six musketeers with all of the same damage effects on a target.

One of the effective ways also to use it with the goblin barrel. This is effective once the goblins arrive on your enemy’s tower then use the clone to create six of them. This combo could guarantee you a tower down.


clone-goblin barrel

Clone the barrel

The same as the goblin, the spell also can create a devastating effect with using it with the balloon as again it can make the balloon become two and could crush a tower once they can reach it.


The light blue shadows of the balloon

But, although the damage effect of the clone troops will be the same as the real troops, on the contrary, the hitpoints of the clone troops is only one. So, the cloned troops will somehow not so hard to dismiss.

For your information, the crew have reviewed the card for more detailed analysis and have created strategies to using the card including deck suggestions, all you can check here


For only spending 3 elixirs and seeing what the card could offer you, the Clone Spell could be a very good option for your deck.

Well guys, you are in the Kingdom’s file right now and it is a discussion panel. So, you are free to say whatever you want about this particular card.

If you guys want to add more interesting tips and tricks also, then feel free to use the comment section down below to discuss it all

Time for me to create a Tinder account, I am ready for it. See you guys later.