Hi, guys! It’s verdaccio, and I’m back with the cannon cart guide. Now, it’s going to be the discussion with the clone card. Sit back, relax and let’s go!





Clone Cannon Cart Deck

Average Elixir Cost: 3.4

Play This Deck

First of all, the deck up above is optional. You can replace some of the cards as long as the job description is entirely the same. Since we’re going to rely on the battle ram in harassing the enemy’s base, we have to cycle the rotation of the card gently, to make cannon cart available all the time.




ice-spirit-card-clash-royale-kingdom knight-card-clash-royale-kingdom fireball-Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom musketeer-card-clash-royale-kingdom

Ice spirit

Advanced players consider ice spirit as the best cycling card in the game. Besides, the ability to freeze a bunch of troops is just meta since the cost only requires one elixir.



Knight is just a protector. He is a damaged receiver. This yellow mustache guy is your guardian. He can take all the damage from any massive attack. With the help of bats, goblins, musketeer, you need not worry about your tower being hit. All is well with this guy on your deck.



Musketeer is the only ranger on your deck. She is the primary damage dealer on this deck. She can take out any type of cards in the game. All we need to do is just to protect her. Always put at the very back of the line in your attacking style. She is only essential in both attacking and defending.



Clone, with this spell in your deck you can have double cannon cart and dual battle ram. Because what we’re looking for is the damage dealing. Hence, what we want is not just the double units but to win the fight. Well, I usually wait for the moment where the counter troops are close enough to the opponent’s tower before I deploy the cannon cart and clone it.


Primary Cards


clone cardbattle-ram-card-clash-royale-kingdomTornado-Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdomcanon_cart


Fireball is just an end-game card. The fireball can deal an average-damage. Also, since the fireball is the only damaging spell you have on this deck, you might want to rely on your patience in deploying this card. When you see some massive or critical tower, then you can deal the card.


Battle Ram

Battle ram is the primary card here. Hence, the title is the battle ram deck. Well, consider this card as the leading actor in the movie that you love so much. Protect it and entertain yourself. Never let the card goes alone!



Tornado is just another defensive mechanism. You need this spell in dealing with any massive incoming attack. The whirlwind is only useful to make any attack go away from your tower. Most noteworthy, you make Hog or Miner end up waking up your crown tower, yup, you know how it works.


Cannon cart

Cannon cart is the card that can all the difference. This is the card that can be useful in both defending and attack. You can use this card to go against any kind of massive attack. Most noteworthy, the cannon cart can be a good ranger to support your attack.


How to play


First Minute

At the beginning of the battle, you might want to hold on to your defensive card a little bit. Play defensively, in the beginning, can give you the Elixir advantage from the mid-game towards the end. Since it can be a struggling thing to do, and you can start by deploying the musketeer to deliver some damage to the enemy’s tower. See the response from them, if they play it defensively then, all you have to do is preparing your massive attack. 


From 2 Minute

After playing the game defensively, you can start harassing the enemy’s base with your troops, like deploying the battle ram together with one of the rangers you have in your active deck. Remember, only one of the rangers. Since you have to bank you Elixir for enemy’s counter


Last minute – sudden death

At the last minute of the game, or the double Elixir moment, or the sudden death, you have to be patient though. Since the enemy will get the only tactic you use, they will prepare the massive attack on themselves. Well, in this case, you have to brace yourself, first. Try to defend your base from the enemy’s attempt. This is important, right after you succeed in defending your base you can deliver your attack. In the late game, the only tactic of yours can excellently get the job done. You can only deploy the battle ram alongside the rest of the cards you have on your active bench.


That is all from me guys! ‘Till next time! Don’t forget to share it with fellow clansmen! Cheers!