Welcome champs! I’m verd, and the king sent for me to give some excellent tips for those of you who try hard to climb those steps. Here we go!



Battle Deck



Every time you go to battle, you’ll have to rely upon your battle deck. That’s the reason we’re going to start with the battle deck.

The most important instrument in the business is your cards, which you will have to arrange 8 cards and play it as your combos to face the enemy. The arranged cards you have on board will become your battle deck. Everyone has their battle deck that they hold on until they found the better one.

You have to have a good deck or even the great one. It takes time to find the best deck for you but, actually all you have to do is to make a connection between your play style with your deck. Just decide any cards which will do the job for you.


Spend gold wisely



Gold is earned by winning the fights. You can find them for free from quests. Still, since either chests or winnings give you gold, you might want to win every battle you face. The more battle you win the more chests and gold you earned.

The critical thing about gold is that you need to spend it on cards. If you want to improve your game and keep climbing arena you need to upgrade your troops level. It’s so essential which makes you want to upgrade any forces you have. Well, it’s not wrong yet, it’s not advisable to do so because it can drain your bank. Keep in mind which cards you want to play in your battle, never try to upgrade every card you possess.


Spend elixirs wisely



Like the gold, this one is not in your bank but, it’s in your brain. You need to manage your elixir in every battle whenever it takes hold, and whatever the situation is. You need to be wise in consuming your elixir for our troops. Only fool rush in! Never rush a decision and end up losing.

You have to know when to spend your elixir exactly and keep relating your active deck in battle with your elixir. In other words, you just have to understand how to spend it not only correctly but also, wisely. Then, you will master this game the second you realize how to do it.


Have no more than 3 sets of battle decks



Setting up your deck means you need to find the best deck for you. To that, you have to reduce the odds and possibilities. You might want to know your best strategy for you but, no one can help you in the area. Because the thing is that only you can find your best plan. I’m just here to help.

Whether it’s offensive, defensive or balance deck if you can play it considerably then, you’ll win. The key is consistent, all you have to is to play your way and when it failed you have to find out yourself the why. Afterwards, if you notice every mistake in your way, you can overcome it and become the king of the hill.


Never protect your tower unnecessarily



This is one of the things you should keep in mind while you face your enemy. The towers are the best assets you have, and you need to keep it standing, I know. Maybe I’m crazy but, sometimes you have to let the opponent hit your tower when the health is still high. Well, the thing is I play to win but, I play to win big rather than lose small.

The best thing about this idea is that you can always give the enemy a shock by letting them have one of your towers while you can get three crowns from them. Just consider this, when the enemy is hitting your tower if it’s going to dive to your crown tower, fight it. But! If you don’t think so, then go for a big win.


Train in training battle



This can look boring since I’m going to say “Practice makes perfect.” Anyway, this one is so effective to test your strategy, to check your battle deck and to test your uh, skills. There’s no downside, I mean come on! Just verify your tactics before you’ll end up losing trophies.

When you get confident with your tactics, you can go to the real fight. You’ll taste the taste of doing training before going to war. Never doubt the facilities which are given to you guys!


Never rush your attack



When the time comes for you to give the opponent your full attack, don’t do it. While you use your elixir rapidly, it’ll put you behind a cause if your enemy can defend the tower then, it’s all over for you. Never use too many forces at once and always keep a least 2-3 elixir in the store to keep you safe from the counter-attack.

If you are confident with your rush attack then you might as well do it. Nothing I’ll say matter but, think about this I’ll tell you to do it when it comes to the last second of the match. However, never do it in any battle while the time is still far from over.

That is all from me guys! What do you think? If you have another useful tip, you can write it in the column down below. Thank you and see ya!