Clash Royale Now Available on Android! Happy 16 February everybody! I don’t know what really 16 February means to anyone but I just wish you luck my lovely mates wherever you are.


So to celebrate that, here we the Clash Royale Kingdom crew got some very exciting news for you all that have been following the Clash Royale game for a while.

Officially official per today it has been announced that the Clash Royale now can be played in all Android gadgets. Now you can download the game here:

Now the Clash Royale will be available on Android in Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Finland and New Zealand. So, for you who in those countries above, get to download the game in the google play store as soon as possible to feel the vibes.

Ah the Supercell also informs that the Android Gem prices in places outside of the soft launch countries will be a bit irregular during the soft launch period. This is because the game haven’t been officially launched in these countries yet and the prices are auto-converted based on the currencies of the soft launch countries.

This is only temporary, however, and the prices will be defined correctly once Clash Royale goes global in March!

The Supercell itself has announced that the game will be available all over the world once the Global Launch is ready on March. So, prepare yourself for that!

Ops don’t forget to put your opinion on this Android soft launch down below in the comment section

Wasted uncle signing out for now, see you around, cheers!