Miner Poison is actually popular counter combo in Clash Royale, but how to do Miner Poison properly? And what deck should you bring? In this article, we will discuss How to run Miner Poison and the suitable cards to be in the deck? Miner Poison Deck and strategies, this is it, Miner Poison cycling deck!


Hey guys, you are here with me again JohnnyBoy, and today I’m gonna give you a credible strategy to run Miner Poison, which is categorized as popular combo in Clash Royale. Also, by the end of this article, I’ll show you a short video gameplay and see how strong and devastating Miner Poison combo is. 

This deck is considered so strong because Miner can easily get into the tower without having to pass the bridge, he goes underground. Moreover, Poison makes him stronger because anything that placed to stop Miner would die, burn in the poisonous area.

Here’s the key, we run Miner Poison in counter push. Meaning, if we have survived defenders, we can utilize their remaining HP to add more damage with Miner and Poison. Alright, let’s see what we have in the deck matchups first.

Miner Poison Deck


Average elixir cost : 3

Play This Deck



As you can see, we have Executioner and Tornado as combo defense. I choose this defense strategy because we need a tanky defender. While so, we can combine Executioner with Tornado to get extra defense from swarmy troops. 


Another defender which I think important is Inferno Dragon. Use the dragon to stop tanker or high HP attacker such as Pekka, Golem, or Lava Hound. While we have Executioner specifically used to counter swarmy, we have Inferno Dragon to counter high HP troops.


We can actually use Executioner to be a damage receiver in this Miner Poison deck. However, it doesn’t enough. The expectation here is to make Executioner live longer so we have long lasting defender. Therefore, I highly recommend you to bring Ice Golem.

Although this card is optional, you can hold the support of tanker with Ice Golem. So, while Executioner and Inferno Dragon defend from the tanker, Ice Golem will be in front and be enemy’s support target.


Lastly, we have Bats. If you play with Miner, you can actually add more damage dealer, the cheap one, to join the Miner. Guys, Miner is kind of like a tiny tanker, so we can add Bats to run heavier push to the tower.

Bats also functions as defender too. If you defend against Goblin Barrel, you can deploy Bats to stop the goblins. Send Bats to defend and counter once you have tanker in front.

Alright, that’s enough for the cards explanation, let’s jump on the strategy battle.

What to do in early battle?

Since the battle begins, you can go on open attack and not waiting for the enemy counter first. Counter with Miner Bats push maybe a good open attack. Here, we will get tower damage, and also we force the enemy to deploy cards.


Miner Bats push with Executioner after defense

After you run this push, defend the lane with Executioner and Ice Golem. No matter what comes, deploy Executioner before Ice Golem. Once you have Executioner, you can adjust the defender with what comes to your lane. If enemy sends heavy troop, you deploy Inferno Dragon instead of Ice Golem.

This is how you defend against tanker followed by supports

And if the enemy sends swarmy or tiny troops, you just can send the Ice Golem instead. The point is, you can send anything to defend, and Executioner must be the first to launch.

In early battle playing with Miner Poison deck, you can counter anytime if you have Miner and Poison. Meaning, you don’t have to build extra card combo, just simply send Miner, and Poison, you can add Bats if you want.

What to do in late game?

In late game, you can set the Inferno Dragon as primary counter card. If you learn the enemy cards already, you can play the Inferno Dragon more often. Besides, since this deck is cycling and cheap, you won’t waste your elixir because of Inferno Dragon.

If you want to send Inferno Dragon, make sure that you have Executioner always, and Miner be tower target. So, your dragon won’t get distracted by swarmy and not be the tower’s target.


In 2x, counter with Poison and Inferno Dragon

Also, you can always add Poison to counter in 2x elixir. Miner Poison combo aims to diminish all swarmy around Miner. Miner is an easy troop to shut. And mostly, people will go with cheap cards like Bats, Archers, Minions, Goblin Gang or Skeleton Army and Princess.  

And if you have Poison on the tower, those cheap cards will burn quickly and Miner can continue hit the tower. Poison will also burn the tower and reduce its HP. So, you’ll get extra tower damage too, awesome.

Bait enemy to deploy card, then we burn all of them together with the tower

Card replacement


Substitute Ice Spirit with Zap


Substitute Ice Golem with Valkyrie or Knight



In this video, you’ll understand how this counter with Miner and Poison is so strong. And if you already master the basic strategy from the article, you will be able to play more flexibly, like I did in this video. How to cycling card, how to build strong defense line up that can power up your counter, etc. Hope you enjoy the article and gameplay below, Good luck!


Well, this is cycling Miner Poison deck. You’ll have a strong combo defense due to cheap elixir spending. And strong counter combo too.

What do you guys think about this strategy and deck matchups? If you like this article, please leave comments below. Also, feel free to question me anything you might doubt of and request any particular deck matchups. I open for suggestion.

See you again in another guide article, Have fun!