Hello! Here is your invitation to the Clash Royale League!


Wait, what? A Clash Royale League? Yep, the game has just announced that a league will be launched soon, and we are all invited!

Well, this is exciting mate.

After the hype from last year’s Crown Championship World Finals, the game told that they knew it would be the beginning of “something big”.

They know are busy working on that “something big” and it would be the next evolution of Clash Royale.

And we’re not waiting for too long for the start, the game announced that all of us will be invited in the next couple of weeks, to compete for the chance to play in the Clash Royale League!

The official in-game competition will be started on March 14, with there will be Clash Royale League Challenge.

All of you (age 16+ and level 8+) that are able to get 20 wins will be eligible to be drafted by a pro team!

There will be more news coming soon about this exciting Clash Royale League. All you need to do is stay tuned for that, mate.

Keep updated on things happened in Clash Royale here in the Clash Royale Kingdom. Me signing out for now, cheers!