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Q & A session with the Clash Royale team

The first is, we know from the Reddit page that the Clash Royale team has answered some of the players’ questions. There are some the questions and answers which I think are interesting. We got the full transcript of the Q & A session here

Q: Is a tournament rework and/or Clan Wars feature on the cards just yet? You’ve hinted at them in the past, which makes me rather curious. (from u/badolcatsyl)

A: No and yes: We aren’t working on a tournament rework at the moment, but we do bring it up every update cycle! We know they need a rework, it just hasn’t risen to the top of our list as a high priority feature to address yet. It’s still on our radar, of course, but most likely won’t be happening in the next couple of updates.

The yes element of this answer is that we are actively thinking about (and developing!!) what “Clash Royale’s ‘Clan Wars’ ” feature could be. This is our main focus currently. I don’t want to spoil anything about it now and it’s still too early to say whether not it’ll come with the next update – so watch this space! 😀

Q: Would you consider making more frequent balance changes, perhaps 1 each month? Currently, they are every 2-3 months, and it just gets repetitive seeing the same types of decks for that long. (from u/DaScavenger)

A: Our original plan with balance updates was something along those lines – to put them out every month (or every 1.5 months-ish). However, we’ve moved to a slower cadence lately because we’re now thinking that we should do balance updates when we feel the game needs them, rather than simply to freshen things up. Instead, to keep things fresh (in the metagame sense), we’ve been releasing a new card every month.

It’s certainly not out of the question to increase our balance update cadence, but not something we’re thinking about doing right now.

But, we can still do a better job of moving quicker when a card or meta is clearly a bit too dominant – e.g. the “Goison” meta as a prime example. This is something we know we should do better at addressing sooner rather than later.

Q: Which ideas have you seen in the community that you think are worthy of being implemented in-game? (from u/Pircival)

A: There are definitely too many for us to do! But to name a few that we really like, which we first saw on Reddit: Permanent (aka, toggleable) emote muting, some sort of ‘challenge ticket’ system, heroes, clan wars, tournament rework, more emotes, TV Royale revamp.

Bear in mind, the above list includes things that we are currently working on, and actively thinking about, as well as things that we aren’t. Also, even though we like all of the above ideas, and many more, some of them may not make it into the game.

Q: What was intent behind placing a secret Brawl Stars Easter Egg in Electro Valley Arena?! (from u/ayush729)

A: Simply put, we really like Brawl Stars – and the artist who made Electro Valley especially so!

Q: My question is, how did you come up with the idea for a card based arena game? Clash Royale is way different from any other game you guys run, and it’s rare to see devs step out of their comfort zone like that. I’m glad you did though, because the game is awesome. (from u/Harrythehobbit)

A: Thanks! I would say the idea essentially stems from the fact that a lot of us really like real-time PvP (and competitive) games, and from there a very early prototype of a game idea was created (see here at the ~30 second mark). You can see the essence of Clash Royale’s tower based gameplay there, but the idea obviously needed a lot of time, playtesting and iterations to become what it is today – that’s basically the secret sauce!

Adding “cards” as the collectable element, and representation of the characters within the game, came a few years later – after a several-year hiatus to focus on Clash of Clans and Hay Day. We’d always had a “deck” for your “spells” (that was their original name), but people just ended up calling them cards anyway, so that was that!

Stepping out of our comfort zone, as you put it, was really just us making a game that we love to play ourselves! Prior to launch of any Supercell game, we have internal playables with the whole company, and Clash Royale was a huge hit, so we knew we were on to something special!

Q: Do you see potential in clash royale’s esport scene using the team format rather than 1vs1? if yes, will you support the idea and move in that direction? (from u/PureZhun)

A: Yes there’s definitely potential – we’ve seen some signs in 2017 that a team format can be super fun and exciting. For example, King’s Cup 2 and the Superliga in Spain. It’s awesome that the community is already exploring this direction, and that makes us pay attention. We’re following the scene closely and taking note of what works. In terms of our plans for 2018, I can’t announce anything about them right now, but we have some cool stuff coming… so again, stay tuned!

Q: What do you see as the biggest hurdle or combination of hurdles facing you as developers right now, and how are you addressing or how do you plan to address this hurdle or combination of hurdles? (from u/xR3B3Lx)

A: One the biggest ongoing hurdles for us is when players hit their Trophy high and progress slows down, or halts altogether, and how do we keep the game interesting for players who’ve been playing for a year or more? For this we’re looking at alternative feelings of progress and goals, as well as new features/game modes.

Players specialising heavily into certain cards/decks is a hurdle also. We need to bring balance updates to the game relatively regularly, but this can be problematic for players who only have one highly-leveled deck or set of cards to use. Additionally, people may lose interest in the game if they’re only playing with the same cards/decks over and over again. So for this we’re thinking about new features that could encourage the use of cards beyond your 8 ladder cards, and trying to get players caring about their whole collection.

Balancing ladder play in Leagues better, so that people feel that they have a chance in every match up. For this we’ll make some changes to the League reset points so that we don’t collapse too wide a range of player Trophies each month.

Keeping the UI as clean and uncluttered as possible is always a challenge. This is just something that we need to stay vigilant about and be smart when adding new features – always try to make things as simple and intuitive as possible!

Q: You said a while ago we would be receiving something for our ‘Legendary Trophies.’ Are we going to still receive something for those of us who have played and continued to play cr since Beta? (from u/coltonjeffs)

A: We haven’t forgotten about this, but also don’t have any plans to do anything with them at the moment. Sorry for lack of concreteness here, but truthfully it’s not a high priority thing for us right now.

Q: I am curious what led to the decision to nerf all damage spell by 5%, can you explain what is the purpose of this nerf? (from u/Caitsith31)

A: We noticed an increasing amount of games being decided by spell damage to towers, and less through troop combat – which we think is more interesting. Spell damage is certainly part of the game, but we don’t want games to boil down to defensive gameplay with spells being the primary source of tower damage. We’ve been thinking about making this change for a while, but we held back because we didn’t want to increase the amount of draws – which would be a very unwelcome side effect – so we’ll keep an eye on it and adjust if necessary.

Gold Rush Event


gold rush-5

The Gold rush event is still going on!

It’s the last day of the event and we think all you have to do right now is to complete the event and get the bunch of golds as much as you can.

The Clash Royale Song

Here is one of the funny thing, now it is available on Youtube an anthem for Clash Royale!  

The song itself is made by one of the pro players in Clash Royale. I bet you have known him and I think it’s a good song. 

Watch it here!

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