Hello, all the lovely people all over the world! Don’t forget to start your day with something positive. A cup of coffee or tea would do you good I think.


You are with me again the uncle and what I have to tell you today is as what you have heard before, yes, it is official that the Clash Royale Forum will be closed.

The supercell has told lately that closing the forum is not an easy decision. Furthermore, the officials told that the forum itself wasn’t meeting the players’ expectation the same way as it also didn’t meet the Clash Royale team’s expectation.

The discussion of the Clash Royale community itself will be moved and focused on a single message board platform (reddit). The officials told that by focusing on a single message board, they will be able to do a better job of keeping in touch and up-to-date with the things happen in the Clash Royale community.

The forum itself will not be closed right away, there will be a smooth transition where the forum will run as usual until November 16th then enter the read-only mode until the closure on November 30th.

By the time the forum will be closed, the officials have informed that you can join the Clash Royale subreddit to continue discussing all things about the game.

For some of you who have been involved in the forum discussion and the game itself since the beginning, sure it will be quite a sad news to hear. But, you still can continue the discussion of Clash Royale on the new platform soon.

Alright, mate that’s all I can tell by today. You can put your thoughts on the news down below in the comment section.

I am signing out, see you guys later, cheers!