Clash Royale arena 2 best deck!


Hello again everyone. Honestly, I still can feel the new year vibes here. Still can’t figure out my resolution anyway.

You are back with us the Kingdom here, and this is the time to reveal the best Clash Royale arena 2 deck. So, let’s go to check them out.

For the beginners then this is it. it’s just balanced yet, powerful. The best way to make you go through and make it to the next arena.


Arena 2 Best Deck

clash royale Arena 2 Deck

Average Elixir Cost: 3.5

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Well, the deck up above has a major and minor role-play on the stage. There are 4 main cards and 4 supportive cards which we use as an alternative in particular situations. Here it is!


Main Cards

building targeting card clash royale-giantwitch-card-clash-royale-kingdomBaby-Dragon-Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom



The Giant is still the main card to do the main job in the game. I think we’ll find some more of him in the next arena and the next after. At this period of the game, arena 2 is still the beginning.

A Giant job is to destroy the enemy’s building while at the mid-level game his job will be protecting troops. Here you have to make use of him to destroy your opponent’s base. You can help him do it by deploying some ranged-forces like Baby Dragon, Bomber, Musketeer & Witch.



In the arena 2, you’ll find another powerful card, the Witch. If you have Witch on your deck, you’ll not get only a Witch but also the Skeletons too. She spawns 3 Skeletons every 7 seconds. 

She’s really useful in both attacking and defending. She can help clear the Giant’s way. She delivers splash damage with above-average attack speed. She can wipe swarm army quickly and be a great support for your Giant.


Giant-distractedThe Giant Protecting the Witch creating the pushing


Baby Dragon

Baby Dragon can pretty much handle the air troops. It deals with area splash damage and also it can be a good companion for the Giant. In the game, you better put the Giant and Baby Dragon side by side.

Despite its damage, the Baby Dragon has reliable HP too so you can more likely to put some damage on the enemy’s tower since 2 tanky troops run and fly side by side. In most cases, if you launch the Giant your enemy will block it using the Skeletons or any troops with numbers. That’s why you should bring your Baby Dragon together with the Giant to erase those armies out of existence.

The splash damage created by the Baby Drogo to kill the swarm armies



We have a Musketeer in arena 2 which is so beneficial if you put it on the deck. Musketeer can be the damage dealer and it will be better if you put the Musketeer again behind the Giant. So, she could be well protected. Let Giant protect Musketeer and so the musket will be able to hit the enemy’s tower. It gets even better if you launch musket after your Giant or Baby Dragon is on the field. So, she will be invisible and do some free hit to the tower.


Supportive Cards

knight-card-clash-royale-kingdombomber-card-clash-royale-kingdomarrows-clash-royale-kingdomSkeletons-Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom-common card



The yellow moustache guy with a high amount of health is just another level of tanks. This one is one of the cheapest tanks in the game. It only costs you 3 elixirs to deploy this guy. He can be really helpful as a diversion. 

In defending, you can use this guy to go on the front line, so your damage dealer can shoot the enemy’s support. While in defending, you can use this guy as the main shield against a countering card.



This one is a recommended card which can make your opponent put their angry motion. The Bomber can execute all of the Skeleton armies which often deployed to block your Giant’s way. They can instantly wipe them all and so your Giant won’t get attacked anymore.

When you launch the Giant at the first place, see what cards does the enemy launch. If they try to block your Giant using Skeletons army or any troop numbers, you launch Bomber. Bomber works the same for your defence. It can erase the spawners, in case you find the enemy plays spawners.

When you go defence or counter using Bomber, you have to be smart at placing it. Meaning, you better launch the Bomber when enemy’s troops target on your tank, so the Bomber is invisible yet he is breakneck.


Execute the Skelly Armies


Arrows is another important card which you better bring in any battle. You really don’t wanna deal with Skeletons army or Minion Horde or any number troops using the Musketeer/Knight because it will not be too effective.

A musket against Skeletons army will take forever to execute all those armies, so you can launch Arrows to handle it. It’s cheap and efficient, one shoot only and the small troops won’t be a big deal.



This is a rather considered as a useless card. Well, it is, sometimes. But, at the other time, it’s so helpful. Have you ever heard of the term kite? Anyway, that is a defensive tactical pro player use to distract enemies attacking attempt. 

Confuse? For example, if a dangerous card like PEKKA turn right or left to chase your troops instead of going to the tower, that’s a cue. A kitting, though, people who can kite do it perfectly, keep making the damage dealer chasing the kiter little troops instead of hitting your towers.



Distracting the PEKKA


And that’s all about the best deck to use in Arena 2. You can try this deck and see what results you get. I bet it is a good one. 

Well, since every player has their own playing character then if you want to add something to the deck suggestion above, feel free to use the comment section down below to discuss it all.

I am signing out for now, peace out, cheers!