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Clash Royale Kingdom crew through me your very favourite charming uncle is back here. Here we don’t accept bad moods, so move your body and get her back! (nope, don’t do it mate, she doesn’t deserve an absolute charming gamer king like us ha)

Ah sorry, back to the game ha. Yup we got news today, Supercell has announced that Clan Battle is coming! Now you and your clan involved will be available to do the inter-clan battle. 

We got some sneak peek of the Clan Battle, and here are things that you should know:


Don’t blame Uchiha for being the best clan in the world

Clan Battle is a Battle side-by-side with a Clanmate vs two enemies from another Clan. So it is basically four players playing at the same time in one arena. 
Check your calendar because the Battle will start from May 19 until May 22

How can I play?

When the event has officially started, there will be the Clan Battle button appears on top of your Clan page. Click the button and be ready to fight or else join a Clanmate. Next is, you all will compete with two challengers from another Clan. What’s next? Win the war and beat that ugly bastard in front of you! 

What’s the reward?


By becoming the absolute King, you can unlock the Clan Battle Chest, the more you are a winner, the bigger the prize will be! 
Be ready to destroy the other clan!

Leave all of your thoughts about this exciting new Clan Battle in the comment section down below.

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