Cheap hog deck is here!

Good morning ladies and gents, come back again with me, JohnnyBoy doing my job; play and review CR.


Today, I have an extraordinary deck for you, and you should try this deck guys.

I’ve tried so many hog decks, and most of the times, I fail for many times until I find the right collaboration.

When you play hog, you need to provide the best tank which should be attached with the hog.

What I’m saying here is literally attach” where you put your tank right in front of the hog so that the hog will push the tank so yeah imagine that.

Alright, let’s go further into the deck matchups

Deck Matchups

Average Elixir Cost : 3


Tips for the knight

The knight should be enough for the hog’s tank.

It’s cheap, and truly his job is just to sacrifice its HP as to make the hog reach the enemy tower without being hit by the towers and enemy’s troops.

Before we attack, we should make sure that you have both hog and knight on the list.

Then, you can put the knight on the bridge

And instantly launch the hog right behind the knight.

The hog will push the knight forward until the hog can make it to the tower.

If there is no distraction, the knight will tank the hog for the rest of his life while the hog is doing free hit on the tower.

That’s the right way to play the knight when you play hog deck.

literally attach like this

Tornado and fireball (tips)

I pick tornado because we have an offensive deck and so I choose tornado as primary defense.

When I play defensive tornado, I mostly combine it with the executioner.

So, while the tornado fires on its whirlwind and gather the enemy in one line, the executioner will easily cut their throat with its double boomerang (boomerang is it?).

Sometimes, I use tornado for attacking as well

At the critical moment when the enemy’s tower is low HP, and there are still our troops coming, I put the tornado in the middle of the enemy’s lane.

So, the hog and other troops can still do some hit on the tower.

I always have my fireball standby whenever I attack with hog knight.

We have to prepare fireball in case the enemy send wizard or witch or any other numbers troops to counter the knight hog.

When you see the crowd blocking the hog, send fireball, and the enemy will be gone instantly.

You better place the fireball around the enemy’s tower

So, you can put some damage on the tower as well.

Fireball can be so vital in the critical moment when the enemy’s tower is low HP.

You don’t want to build the counter attack, you can just send the fireball to destroy the tower.

Oh, and the last function of the fireball is to complete the tornado.

Meaning, if you don’t have executioner on the list while you are defending with tornado, you can fireball the enemy once they get together.

Popular tornado + fireball. No trespassing! 


When you play with the tornado, you better bring one card that can handle area.

And executioner is a perfect matchup for the tornado.

It deals with the area and range.

So, no matter how crowded the enemy troops are, the executioner will quickly erase them out of existence only by swinging its boomerang.

Executioner is your strongest defense here, but it can make your attack getting more dangerous.

You can do this by putting the executioner behind the other troops when they are attacking the tower.

He can erase every number troops which mostly used to counter our hog.

But, you should be wise using it.

Personally, I prefer to play defensive executioner because its ability will be so useful in defending

It can do double damage in one boomerang swing.

Support cards

Zap matters in this deck.

Despite its cheap elixir cost, it has so many specialties.

Mostly, I use zap to kill the skeletons army when the hog and the knight are coming to hit the tower.

I only use zap if the enemy use skeletons or skeletons army to block the hog because they will die in one zap,

Meanwhile, the goblins, for instance, we need 2 zaps to kill them.

So, I don’t want to waste my elixir; I better keep the zap because it won’t help the knight hog either.

I also zap on the enemy who attacks our hog, not the tank.

Zap on it, and it will retarget the troops from attacking our hog to our knight.

We can play defensive zap to handle goblin barrel or minion horde.

It will be helpful although it won’t kill all of them.

Zap can ease our tower because the tower will need one shoot only to kill each of them.

I like skeletons not only because of its cheap elixir cost but also;

They are very good to handle big target building troops such as giant.

We can send the skeletons to stab the gigantic creatures; high level skeletons will reduce the giant’s HP.

Can you imagine how efficient it is? One elixir only to bury the giant.

Of course you don’t only send one elixir skeletons to counter one golem.

You should send other supports or if you need extra defend you can play executioner and tornado or fireball.

Skeletons are helpers and nothing significant that we can expect from the skeletons.

I use skeletons to kite the enemy, and sometimes I don’t need the tornado if the enemy attacks with ground single target troops such as prince or musket.

And if they are not so teemed, I will send my skeletons to the middle of the lane.

Kite the enemy, so, our towers will attack them together.

The last efficient cheap card is the fire spirit.

Of course, the spirits can help our offense and defense.

I think you can choose either you are more comfortable with the fire or the ice spirit.

They both are good. But I prefer the fire because they consist of three spirits and each of them can do splash damage.

So, when there are minion horde or skeletons army for instance, I will send my fire spirit to blow them up.

Pros and Cons

When you play this deck you better have the high level hog

This deck will be hard to win against building cards deck. 

Remember, never let your hog running alone without any backup or tank.

By having this deck, you’ll have fast card rotation, and so you can do the knight hog countering.

Most of the victory that I get from this strategy because its fast cards rotation.

So, I can get the card that I want instantly.


Alright, guys, that’s the top hog cycle deck you can try.

Hope you find this article helpful for those who wanna play Hog but don’t know the best deck combo.

It’s easy and fast deck. If you have any ideas about the better hog deck combo, please feel free to leave your comment below and let me know what should I review in the next article.

Enjoy your day! Play on!