This is it, the cheapest, strong, and super cheap cycling Mega Knight deck. Let’s see how to see maximum performance by Mega Knight together with cheap cards. With Mirror card in the deck, you’ll be easy to look whatever you need at the time. This it it, Mega Knight cycling deck ! 


Hi, everyone! I’m JohnnyBoy and today I’m gonna talk about a cheap but strong Mega Knight deck. The deck itself only costs 2.4 elixir, and we will have nothing too heavy troops here just Mega Knight.

Then, how can the one and only mega knight be so powerful without superb supports in the deck? We will mirror the mega knight so later in the battlefield we will have more than one Mega Knight. 

There’s nothing too complicated strategy or whatsoever; we just steadily put pressure on the enemy. We should push our counter because we don’t have the strong defense here. 

Mega Knight Cycling Deck


Average Elixir Cost : 2.4

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We have the almighty mega knight as our primary card because as I said earlier that we don’t have any stronger cards in the deck.

Although we only have one and only damage dealer in the deck, we will still have big chance to get the victory. It is because we will mirror the mega knight. 

So far, I think that we all agree that mega knight is too overpowered, expensive, and easily defeated by the air troops. When you go countering or defending, just send the mega knight first. 


Swarm is no problem, Smash!

Don’t hesitate, guys, because if we don’t put pressure first, we will likely to lose the game because we don’t have strong defensive card. After you out the mega knight, let he do his job. At this moment, the enemy will counter the mega knight and and we send the cheap cards to help the defense. 

Send cheap cards to shut the countering

After you send the mega knight, go with the ice golem to give a bit more freeze effect to support the mega knight. Or else, you can do the mirror again. Keep focus on one tower only; don’t change lane. Nah, here we can combine the other cards to support the attack fully.


The first spell card in the deck is the zap. I enclose the zap to handle the air troops and to utilize its stun effect. In case we face against the inferno card, we can also reset the inferno by zapping it. Remember guys, we only have the mega knight, and nothing else. That’s why we need to bring spell card to counter those mentioned cards. Besides, we also need to bring cheap card because we want fast cycling deck, so zap is a perfect card. 


We have two icy troops to give freeze effect which can slow down the enemy. Ice golem can be a tiny tank if you want to give the extra support for the mega knight. And you should know that the ice golem can function to do bait defense. We can set the ice golem to distract the heavy troops such as Pekka or mini Pekka by walking them around the field. Same thing happens when we see the incoming minions or minion horde.


We can specifically play these two cards for defense. They are good because they can handle both ground and air units. However, bats can be used to cover the mega minion and give extra damage to support the mega knight. Here, both bats and mega minion can be a mutual combination because, in one hand, the bats have numbers unit to distract the enemy from attacking the mega knight.

On the other hand, the mega knight can be the tank for the bats. When both cards reach the enemy’s tower, they will be mutual strikers. Again, there is no specific step by step or whatsoever to run bats and spear goblins. You can run these cards flexibly.

the log-card-clash-royale-kingdom

One spell card is not enough because we will face more than one swarm cards. Also, enclose the Log to anticipate the ground spawn army. We can specifically use zap to counter the air troops, and the log to counter the ground. By having these spells card, we already give the protection for the mega knight by getting rid of the spawn army. When you have one or two mega knights on the field, prepare both spell cards. 

The Log for defense and protecting Mega Knight

If the enemy sends the ground troops, you can use the log first. When the enemy sends the air troops, you can zap those air spawn troops. Zap won’t be enough because it will only reduce half HP. You can do both spells if the opponent sends the ground and air troops at once.

Pro Tips

I pick up the cheap support for the mega knight to have a fast cycling card rotation, so, we can play the mega knight anytime without waiting too long. When launching the mega knight or mirror mega knights, you should have two spell cards mentioned above.


Without waiting too long, use Mega Knight anytime

Don’t play the mega knight if you don’t have spell cards on the list. 
You can deploy the ice spirit or ice golem or anything to rotate the card and get the spell cards. 

When you have the spell cards (even only one spell cards) you can send the mega knight instantly. The main function of the mirror card is to multiply the mega knight, but if the enemy’s tower HP is so low you can mirror the log to finish off.

Cheap but non-stop

By doing mirror log, you can make sure that you get that tower and don’t have to be bothered to send the mega knight to finish the low HP tower. 
Mega knight has the passive jump damage, so you can reduce the enemy’s HP troops by placing the mega knight on where they stand.

Defending with Mega Knight like this


Alright, guys, we have a fast cycling deck for the mega knight here. I hope you enjoy this article and if you have any comment and suggestion let me know in the comment. My friend, if you have any idea and you want me to review any deck or cards don’t hesitate to tell me in the comment section. Good day and God Bless!