Hi, it’s Sunday over here mate, and I just can’t wait to spend the rest of the day to just sleep and sleep. That’s the only thing I want right now.


As the morning get started, we are here again to continue our own series called the Kingdom’s file.

In the Kingdom’s file, is the place where we will discuss a particular card where we will give our opinion and tips n tricks on the card and you guys also can add yours.

For this Sunday, the card that we will talk about is one of the high-level cards in Clash Royale. The card is quite popular, though. And the card that we will discuss right now is called the Cannon Cart.


Yap, why is it called Cannon Cart? We’ll see what it can do to help you win the battle.

The cannon cart is categorized as an epic troop. You can find the card or unlock it as soon as you enter the arena 10 (Hog Mountain).


cannon cart-intro

As what its name, Cannon Cart is basically a Cannon that carried by a Cart. Funny name, isn’t it? While you assumed it is a funny cart, well I guarantee that you are all wrong. This card has the power of an absolute beast.

Cannon Cart appearance is a single but big cannon that moves helped by a cart under it using wheels. From what we see it is a very quick card that could help you destroy enemy’s troops or tower faster.

Remember that Cannon Cart is not a building card since it does not stay in one stand but can move forward through the enemy’s lines. The deploy time of Cannon Cart is relatively quick since it only needs 1 second to deploy it into the battlefield.

The Wheeling Shooter

One of the funny yet exciting thing about this Cannon Cart is when the cart under it can be destroyed by the enemy, it will not destroy the Cannon Cart as a whole.

The Cannon Cart is like have two kinds of lives. Once the wheel of the cart is attacked or destroyed, the Cannon that is carried will not be dismissed right away, it will keep shooting the enemy in front of it.

So, if you deploy the Cannon Cart, you don’t have to be worry if the wheels are destroyed since it will sit in the place the wheels dismissed and will keep shooting your opponent’s troops.

It could be said when its wheels destroyed the Cannon that left will operate more like a building card.

And that is exactly one of the Cannon Cart uniques, once its wheels and cart are demolished the Cannon itself could become a distraction to cards that operate as a building destroyer like a Giant for example.

When an enemy’s giant is marching on to your tower, you can put the Cannon Cart to attack him first, and when its wheels are destroyed somehow it can distract the Giant attention to attack the Cannon first rather than keep walking right to your own tower.


cannon cart-giant

Shot the Giant while still on the wheel and distract when the wheel crushed

This is will get you advantages that the Giant will be distracted and you can concentrate to deploy next card to launch your next strategy or crush the Giant himself.

And of course, don’t forget the main power of this new card is its attacking power. Since it is a cannon it has a huge damage impact on your opponents.

It can damage a tower by a couple of shots if it is given a space to launch its bullets. The range of the Cannon Cart is 5.5 makes it available to shot from long range.

The cannon cart itself will be best to use as a supportive card. This could work to put it behind a tank to create the pushing from your territory.


cannon cart-pushing

Help the push

One of the good advantages the cannon cart gives you is it is a very fast card once it still has its wheel makes the card would be a good surprise to the enemy

To use the card as a defence card also would be good especially if you have a card like clone that it could create the clone of the cannon and create more damages on the troops in front them.


Clone the unit

The cannon cart itself could be countered easily by all the swarm armies. Cards like skeleton army will easily crush the cannon cart down.

To use the rocket to deal with the cannon cart would be effective but only to dismiss its wheel since the cannon will not be dismissed right away and still will keep shooting.


The rocket hitting 

Since the cannon cart can’t target the air then all the card will be vulnerable against the air troops. The minion horde will be a very effective to dismiss the cannon cart.


The Cannon Cart itself spend 5 of your elixirs. From what we have seen so far, the Cannon Cart is a pretty all-rounded card that could be pretty much effective for your decks’ options.

But that’s our opinion, here in the Kingdom’s file you are all free to say whatever you think of a particular card. So if you guys think the other way then it’s time for you to express it all here.

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The card itself has been reviewed before by the crew and create the best deck using the Cannon Cart where you can check it out here

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