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Okay, that was a quick intermezzo from me. Just sayin my opinion, though.

Our Kingdom’s file series is back now and all you have to know about the Kingdom’s file is, in the Kingdom’s file, is the place where we will discuss a particular card where we will give our opinion or tips n tricks on the card and you guys also can add yours.

And for now, the card that we will talk about is maybe one of the underrated cards in the Clash Royale game. So, the card that we are gonna discuss is the Cannon.


Cannon is one of the defencing building that is categorized as common building card in the game. The card itself can be found and unlocked in Arena 3 (Barbarian Bowl).

You will need to spend 3 of your elixir to use the card on the battlefield.


By taking a look at its appearance, it is exactly the same as what you imagine when hearing the word cannon.

The card will shot the big bullets right onto the troops who stand in its shooting area.


Launch the Big Bullets

The card has a wide area shaped like a big circle once you deploy it in the arena. That would be the range area where later Cannon unleashing the bullets.  

Since it is a huge area range, Cannon would do its best in the arena to use as a defending troop. Your enemy’s troops that would be marching on to your territory would be the card’s target.



The wide range of the cannon

One of the effective ways to use Cannon is to face cards like Goblins as one of its bullet will kill one of Goblins and next bullet for next Goblin.

To counter Barbarians including Elite Barbarians, the building will be one efficient way as the Barbarian family can’t stand Cannon’s bullets.

The Cannon itself will be great to accompany with the other building for example like the X-bow, as this would make a great defence to dismiss the pushing from your enemy


With assistance from an X-bow kill all the troops

Ice Wizard also will be dismissed by Cannon’s bullets if they are battling in a one on one situation, makes the building is a perfect counter to Ice Wizard.

Ice wizard can’t cool down the building

The thing that you should take a look at if you want to use the card, is the placement of the Cannon since if you put it not in the right area, Cannon will not be so much useful.

It is best to put the Cannon near or in front of your towers to create the range that enough to shoot the troops.

The card itself only target the ground troops. Yap, they will not be useful against the air troops. This would make Cannon will be an easy target and dismissed by all of the air troops like Baby Dragon or Minions.

But there is one thing that Cannon could help you, as it will help you to distract the troops, since the dangerous air troops will be busy to destroy the building first before going to your towers.

It is also effective to use to the Hog Rider since he would attack Cannon first and you can waste his time while the card at least will shoot a bullet on him.


cannon-hog rider

Distract the Hog Rider attention



The cannon is one of the least used cards in the game. In my opinion, for spending 3 of your elixir the cannon doesn’t give many advantages compare to the other 3 elixir cards. It also does not match the playing character of mine.

That’s just my opinion anyway, maybe some of you think that the card is a useful card or maybe, on the other hand, the card is one of your favourites.

You can share your thoughts on the card whether you agree or not agree with me, feel free to add yours mate. It would be lovely to hear everything in your mind and opinions.

Feel free to use the comment section down below to add them.

Me signing out for now, have a blissful day, cheers!