The most effective building targeting cards clash royale!


Hello, again all the young champs all over the globe! You are in the first week of 2018 here and we only hope new year means new spirits to all of you.

Okay, that was a nice intro, right? I knew it. I am getting wise in this new year, mate. Okay, back to the game. The tips and tricks for today I think are quite important for you, especially for the beginners as today we’ll discuss the most effective building targeting cards.


building targeting card clash royale-giant

This one is the most effective tank in the game whether you use it in striking or surviving your kingdom from your opponents.


How to use

When you want to use this one to strike down your enemy, all you have to do is deploy the big guy in front of your damage dealer.

This way, Giant would take any damage and let your troops behind deal the damage to wipe anything that interrupts him in his way to the enemy’s tower.

How to counter

If the big guy is coming your way, you might want to brace yourself. Firstly, only fools rush in, wait for the support to come because the guy is barely can go alone.

We all know that giant is sluggish, crippled just so slow. That doesn’t mean you can kill it fast before he reaches the town. This one is really hard to kill since the health is just nuts.

You can use your powerful cards such as P.E.K.K.A, Barbarians or Valkyrie to assault his troops behind. Because the real threat is under the giant skirt, not the giant himself.



balloon-building targeting card clash royale

I think one of the most dangerous air cards in the game. It deals a very heavy damage once it can touch a tower or building. A skeleton on board is just like the bomber but, the damage is double. Never let this one gets close to your tower or it’ll hit your base like a nuclear bomb.


How to use

This card needs a protector to get close to the enemy’s tower. So, keep in mind that you need some distraction first to distract your enemy’s troops before launching the Balloon. There are plenty of distraction cards that can help the balloon reach a tower. A tank like Giant would help. Have you heard about Lavaloon? Yes combining it with the air tank Lava Hound is a famous and great combination.

How to counter

The best troops to pop balloon is the Minions with its number it can kill balloon, effectively. Since it only targets building, you can use defensive building like Inferno Tower or Tesla to lure the balloon away from your base.


Hog Rider

hog rider-building targeting card clash royale

Hog Rider is the one who can run out of your base and start attacking right to the nearest tower. Whenever the opponents see this card deployed, they will want to kill the brown-skinned guy right away. He is a fast building-targeting, it costs only 4 elixirs.


How to use           

Since he has a high amount of damage, the Hog Rider can be placed with a high health point card in front of him to cover him. You can use Giant or any other attackers to deploy together with him.

How to counter

You can kill him quickly with Skeleton Army, Barbarians and Minion Horde. But, careful with the enemy’s supports since they will prepare for this. Also, you can use mini P.E.K.K.A or Inferno Tower to dismiss him effectively.


Lava Hound

Lava Hound-building targeting Card Clash Royale-Kingdom

A flying hound with hard skin to pierce is just terrifying. After the death, it spreads the Lava Pups. Lava Hound is an effective air tank and it is safe to say it is the most effective air tank.


lava-hound-building targeting card clash royale

How to use

You can deploy Lava Hound behind your crown tower to make your elixir refill, first. Then, you might want to deploy a damage dealer right after lava hound enters the enemy’s territory.

You can use mini P.E.K.K.A or Hog Rider to be the damage dealer. If you see a defensive building like Inferno Tower you can use a Lightning as Lightning can destroy the Inferno Tower right away.

How to counter

The best way to deal with this one is with the Minion Horde. Inferno Tower is also an option but, you might want to use troops alongside it as the tower won’t be so effective against the remaining Lava Pups. Bats would do good to counter it also.


golem-building targeting card clash royale

The Rock is cooking!  A walking rock which has really high hitpoints. Upon death, the rock becomes the two other rocks but slightly tinier one. It costs 8 elixirs, but it is a yes from to see a living rock body in the arena


How to use

You can deploy the Golem behind your crown tower to give your elixir time to refill first. Then, you can deploy your damage dealer like rangers or any high damage dealer right after the enemy’s tower hitting your giant rock. And That’s just it!  

How to counter

You can use your swarm troops such as Minions, Goblins or the Skeleton Army. You can also use a high damage dealer like mini P.E.K.K.A and a defensive building like inferno tower, it’s effective, too. Just keep in mind that you need to prepare for the support troops behind him and make your defensive troops ready.


So what do you guys think? If you have something to add then you can discuss it all here. And if you find these tips are useful you can also share it with your friends. 

Okay, I think that’s all from me, See you later, Cheers!