Hey there, it’s me JohnnyBoy. In today’s article, we are gonna learn everything about bridge spam. What is bridge spam, how to play bridge spam excellently, also I will give you one deck that is considered as best bridge spam deck.


Bridge Spam Explanation, Cards and Strategies

Bridge spam means deploy the counter troops on the bridge. And by doing so, we expect to deal damage on the tower. There are so many players in both lower and higher arena who play with bridge spam. The gameplay will be so easy and sure you’ll get tower damage in instant.

However, we should know what troops that are match to do bridge spam. Fast troops are the perfect cards to do bridge spam. There are Bandit, Battle Ram, Dart Goblin, Elite Barbarians, Princess, and Lumberjack.

bandit-card-clash-royale-kingdombattle-ram-card-clash-royale-kingdomdart_goblin-card-clash-royale-kingdomelite-barbarians-card-Clash-Royale-Kingdomprincess card-Clash-Royale-KingdomLumberjack-Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

Those are the list of cards that I recommend to you in case you wanna play bridge spam and trying different archetype of countering.

In today’s article, we are gonna be combining Princess and Lumberjack as the bridge spam cards. Not only that, we will also enclose Goblin Barrel to deal high damage on enemy’s tower.

In countering with Goblin Barrel, we better deploy Lumberjack first. And throw the barrel after the Lumberjack dies, so the Goblins would be under the rage effect. Three Goblins would do excellent job, fast stabs on the tower and we can reduce enemy’s tower significantly.

Goblin Barrel is considered as one of best combo for bridge spam type of game. It is because while the enemy focuses on our bridge spam troops that head to the tower so quickly, the barrel will be most likely out of target and enable to make some hits on the tower.

Moreover, we will send Princess and Dart Goblin as other dangerous bridge spam troops. Different with Lumberjack, these two rangers are able to shoot from far distance and so easy to deliver the damage to the tower, especially Princess. You just have to send her on the bridge and she can shoot fire arrows on the tower. This one should be diminished quickly if your enemy don’t want her to make more and more damage.

Since, Princess is kind of annoying, the enemy would probably leash Arrows or the Log on her. Or else, enemy would send a troop to kill the Princess. While we get tower damage with Princess, the enemy will be overwhelmed because they need to spend unnecessary elixir just to kill our Princess. Moreover, the troop which kills Princess would be so easily executed by us.

Best Bridge Spam Deck


Average elixir cost : 3.9

Play This Deck

Alright, this is the best deck for bridge spam. We use Lumberjack, Princess, Goblin Barrel, and Dart Goblin in countering. And Bowler, Wizard, Inferno Tower, Arrows for defense.

As a start-up, we can send Lumberjack or Princess first. If you have one of them on the list, send him/her on the bridge. Afterwards, we don’t send anymore troops. Just wait and see what’s enemy launches to shut them.

Force the enemy to do negative elixir trade

This is surprising and quite shocking if the enemy don’t have Arrows or the Log. They must leash unnecessary troop to kill our bridge spam.

If they finally send any troop and continue counter to our tower, we play defensively. If you face air strike, deploy Inferno Tower first, then deploy Wizard as highest damage dealer. These two are required when you defend against air counter. You can deploy Dart Goblin and Princess after Wizard.

Wizard is a must

And if you defend against ground units, deploy Bowler first to be a damage receiver. And then send Wizard again. Here, we have Wizard as no.1 defender. So, you must have a Wizard in defending. Then, you can send Princess or Dart Goblin right after.

In 2x elixir

In 2x elixir time game when the elixir recharges faster, you will dominate the game by giving enemy pressure more and more. The countering will be similar with strategy in early battle. However, we can combine Lumberjack with Goblin Barrel and Princess.

This might be part of a strategy that we can use to get higher tower damage. The way to do this is easy. Deploy Lumberjack first. Then send the Princess on the bridge. Either Princess, Dart Goblin, or Goblin Barrel will be a good match for Lumberjack.

Better deploy the Lumberjack first because somehow, we can utilize its rage effect. Another reason why I recommend you to go with the Lumberjack first is because he has the fastest speed movement and highest HP compared with other bridge spam cards.

Lumberjack goes first

The key in 2x elixir is to always cycle your bridge spam troops, give enemy pressure again and again. Force them to always defend. In addition, best strategy to do in 2x elixir is to have more than one bridge spam troops in countering.

Combine Lumberjack with one of three bridge spam cards. Or if you don’t have Lumberjack on the list, combine Princess with Goblin Barrel or Dart Goblin. You can randomly combine them and still get tower damage.

Never send Wizard and Bowler to counter. They should be ready anytime for defense purposes. And for the bridge spam cards, we can always flexibly use them in defending too.

Always prepare Arrows in case the enemy has Skeleton Army or Goblin Gang. Although we have Princess in supporting another bridge spam already, somewhat, the Army and the Gang can kill Princess first.

Card Replacement

goblin barrel-card-clash-royale-kingdomrocket-card-clash-royale-kingdom

Substitute Goblin Barrel with Rocket

princess card-Clash-Royale-Kingdombandit-card-clash-royale-kingdom

Substitute Princess with Bandit

Extra Tips

Be careful of these cards list below. Those are the most counter cards for bridge spam archetype. However, we can still have chance to win by playing defensive more often. You might have to defense against those troops first with Inferno Tower and Wizard Bowler combo, then deploy bridge spam troops in instant.

You have so much cheaper card than those cards below. Once you attack, that will be kind of like a gateway for you to give unstoppable pressure. Enemy will be more likely to spend their elixir for defense using non-expensive cards because you launch bridge spam in sequence. 

PEKKA card-Clash-Royale-Kingdommega-knight-card-Clash-Royale-Kingdomnight-witch-card-Clash-Royale-Kingdomthree_musketeers-card-clash-royale-kingdomthe log-card-clash-royale-kingdom


So many players would hate the tactics of bridge spam. Some said players with bridge spam counter have no skills. That’s actually true, I mean we really do annoying thing in countering and that’s not fully skill counter. However, there are always some ways to deal with bridge spam.

You can always play with the bridge spam and don’t worry of losing. You’ll have bigger chance to win if the enemy play with expensive troops. See you again soon in another deck and strategy guide. Please feel free to question me anything you might doubt of.

Have fun!