The Bombing Night Witch Deck! What kind of deck is that? Let’s talk about that.


There is no secret that Night Witch is one of the strongest legendary cards in the game. Then to support her in a deck using other cards could create a marvellous deck to help you win a battle.

To see what cards that are great to support her then let’s check out the deck

Bombing Night Witch Deck

Average Elixir Cost: 3.8


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First of all, let’s see what each of the cards’ role later in the battle.

Baby-Dragon-Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdomballoon-building targeting card clash royale

Baby Dragon and Balloon are cards that we would maximize to do the attack. Baby Dragon is a versatile card to do the defend or the attack. His ability certainly would help much later in a battle.

Balloon will be the card to deploy whenever we have a chance to deploy. I guess you all know how much destructive effect the Balloon could create.


These are our supportive cards. Elite Barbarians is the card that we could use to create the pushing while also can be used to defend. Whenever you have a chance, their fast running could create troubles.

We have Tombstone also on the deck. The ability of Tombstone to summon the skeletons could help the Night Witch pushing later. Aside from it, the card, of course, can distract all the building targeting card just to prevent them to reach your tower.

We also bring the Arrows to the battle. Like what you know, the spell will crush all the cheap cards.

night witch card-clash-royale-kingdomfire spirits-card-Clash-royale-kingdombomber-card-clash-royale-kingdom

We have the main cards to create the pushing over here. We would maximize the pushing later on using these cards.

Fire spirits create the splash damage, to clear the way then their kamikaze effect can help you much. Not mentioning that they are cheap cards that would cycle the deck easier.

To accompany our Night Witch, then the Bomber would be cool. His bomb throwing also could clear the way of the pushing.

Then we got our main cards over here, the Night Witch of the dark side. She’s a legendary card that summons all the bats. Her ability to push later in a battle will be the primary thing we would do.


Early Battle

In this deck, we have two ways of pushing. The first we use the Night Witch, Fire Spirits and the Bomber.

Deploy Night Witch behind your king tower. Not only her, deploy the Bomber after her also behind a tower. This is to make all your elixir recharge back.

Once Night Witch and Bomber reach the bridge, then deploy the Fireball. This is our first pushing. The Splash damage of the Bomber and Fireball will be the one to clear the Night Witch and her bats’ way to create damage on the enemy’s tower.

This is also to check what the enemy’s cards and strategy would use to counter our first combo. If you got a chance, then remember you got the Elite Barbarians. Deploy them just behind the first combo then see what it got. I think one of the enemy towers will get a decent destruction.

The Night Witch pushing 

Last Minute – Sudden Death

In the last minute, it’s time to use the second pushing. We got the Baby Dragon and the Balloon. At this stage the elixir will be doubled, makes it easier just to deploy all the cards.

You can start by using the same strategy like the first pushing just to distract the enemy’s troops. Once they are distracted then deploy the dragon and the Balloon at the same time right on the bridge.

What’s next is let them reach your enemy’s tower and again see what happen. A tower down? Well, I bet so.

Remember to keep deploying. Just overwhelm the enemy until the end.

Night Witch & Co. distracting and the other troops finish it 


This deck mainly is an attacking deck. As long as you are wise enough to create the pushing and see what the enemy’s counter then you are the winner.

So, what do you guys think? if you have something in your mind then feel free to express it all in the comment section, mate. It would be lovely to hear it all.

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