Hey there, you are back again with me JohnnyBoy. Today, I will be giving you an arguably classical deck with Bomber and Giant as priority winning condition. Bomber Clash Royale is one of the best area troop long time ago. Today’s deck is my first deck in Clash Royale. Even until now, so many players especially in arena 5 and 6 still happy to use the Bomber deck. Alright, this partnership of Bomber and Giant is timeless.



What makes this deck so strong is because the easy and simple gameplay. You’ll have a Giant in front followed by Bomber in countering, and that’s it. I’m sure that You’ll have all required cards. Let me show you the deck.

Bomber Deck


Average elixir cost : 3.8

Play This Deck

Although we have Giant as the front man, we really count on Bomber which we placed behind Giant as damage dealer. Another counter method that we will run is using Mini Pekka and Baby Dragon. This counter is no worse than Giant Bomber combo.

mini PEKKA-card-Clash-Royale-KingdomBaby-Dragon-Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

In countering with Baby Dragon Mini Pekka, we send the Mini in front and Baby to covers Mini Pekka from swarmy ambush. And somehow, we can combine 2 counter methods in one.

In defending, we have Mini Pekka and Baby Dragon as our priority defenders. If you fight against air counter, send the Baby Dragon. And if you fight against ground counter, deploy Mini Pekka to be damage receiver as well as damage dealer.

Goblin Hut would be and excellent building card. And for most part, it functions to help both counter and defense.

Although the Spear Goblins don’t have significant damage, they can be a big problem for troops such as Prince, Pekka, Inferno Dragon. I recommend you to pick Goblin Hut in order to create a strong defense circle.


The hut distracts and strengthens

Next, we have Skeleton Army. This one is important for defense. Back on early days I played CR, I so much often use Skeleton Army for defense. If you fight Prince, Inferno Dragon, Pekka, Mini Pekka, you’ll kill them so easily by Army.

I used to combine Skeleton Army to join the countering with Giant and Bomber too. This is a massive counter I would say because the Army would be tower’s distraction. Furthermore, they would let Giant and Bomber out of enemy’s target.


Let the Army attracts enemy and Bomber keeps on throwing its bombs

Similar to Army, Bats is also recommended to support counter and defense. Several tiny Bats would quickly bite each attacker and never let them through pass to the tower.

I recommend you to pick Bats instead of any other troops because they are good for defense, cheap, and fast. Deploy Bats to deal damage on attackers when the attackers target on our Baby Dragon. These two are synergies defenders.

Lastly, we have Fireball. I used Fireball mostly to defend. So, if you fight against tankers followed by supports, you can kill or at least decrease HP on both supports and tanker. Then, there would be Baby Dragon or Mini Pekka to deal with attackers.

Counter archetype with Giant Bomber

Alright, in early battle, we can count on Giant and Bomber in countering. Most of our counter shall root from defense. So, we kind of like counter push with survived defenders and put Giant in front. To run Giant Bomber, we need to play Bomber in defense first.

Combine Bomber with Baby Dragon or Mini Pekka to receive damage. Try as hard as you can to make the Bomber survives.

After defending, we put Giant in front of Bomber before he enters enemy’s territory. If the Baby Dragon survives too, we would have massive counter push.

This is how we counter push with Giant

Counter archetype with Mini Pekka Baby Dragon

This is alternative counter you can run. Similar to previous combo, you play defensive Baby Dragon and Bomber, then counter push with Mini Pekka on the bridge.

I suggest you not to be overcommit because Mini Pekka isn’t Giant who has high HP. So, if the enemy deploys Minion Horde and they kill Pekka, we better don’t launch Fireball to support.

Remember, we should have Goblin Hut always in both counter defense. It helps the counter push by giving more air protection and tower damage. Also, in defending, the Spear Goblins would help the primary defenders delivering damage. Although the damage isn’t great, it still helps.

Baby Dragon on defense, then counter push with Mini Pekka

In both counter with Mini Pekka and Giant, we can enclose Skeleton Army if we still in a good elixir spending. Meaning, you can send the army if you have above 5 elixirs after you deploy Giant or Mini Pekka.

Skeleton Army and Spear Goblins would make kind of swarmy massacre behind Giant or Mini Pekka protection. And those swarms would protect the Bomber.

You can play 2 counter archetypes in sequence and not joining them together in early game.

In 2x elixir

When you enter 2x elixir, you can combine 2 counter archetypes. So, there would be Giant, Bomber and Mini Pekka, Baby Dragon in one counter line. Along with Spear Goblins and Skeleton Army. That’s the counter which we run massively in 2x elixir.

Also, if you already beat one tower down, you can utilize middle space area. Play Giant Bomber combo in same row with Princess tower, and the middle space for Mini Pekka.

Look at the army, we are kinda like replacing dead Giant with them

Baby Dragon shall follow the Giant and Bomber, let the Mini Pekka does solo action first. If the enemy doesn’t deploy any troops when your Giant passes the River, wait till the towers target on Giant. Then, you deploy Mini Pekka on the middle.

Card Replacement

goblin hutinferno-tower-card-clash-royale-kingdom

Substitute Goblin Hut with Inferno Tower


My view on this deck is unique to be honest. Classical combo with Giant is timeless and even until now, this combo is considered harsh and strong. The thing makes it strong is the easy gameplay. Just rely on counter push, put any troops behind tanker in countering. Classic huh?

Let me know what you guys think about this classical combo. And if you still play with it, how you fight the full legendary deck or modern archetype counter?

Leave your comment bellow and please feel free to question me anything you might doubt of. See you again soon and have fun!