Bomb Tower and Dropping the Bombs!


Hey my beautiful people all over the globe! The Beatles are the artist I am listening right now, and of course, they are right that all the people right now just need some love.

You are with us again the Clash Royale Kingdom’s crew and today we will continue our series called the Kingdom’s file.

For you guys who haven’t known about the Kingdom’s file, In the Kingdom’s file, is the place where we will discuss a particular card where we will give our opinion and tips n tricks on the card and you guys also can add yours.

And for today’s series, the card that we will talk about is the card that I guess you maybe have known much about. The card is called Bomb Tower.


Bomb Tower Intro

Bomb Tower is categorized as a rare building card. Bomb Tower could be found and unlocked as soon as you entering the Arena 2 (bone pit).

I think Bomb Tower is even made in the Arena 2 since the one who throws the bomb from the tower is a skeleton. (a bone, should I say)


bomb tower-intro

It doesn’t really matter, anyway. With taking a look at its appearance, the tower itself made from wood with there are stones as the foundation under it.

And like what mentioned above, there is a Skeleton who works to drop the bomb right to where your enemy stands.

The card itself will cost 5 of your elixir once you deploy onto the arena


Drop The Bombs

The bomb that dropped by the Bomb Tower is exactly the main ability of the card. To drop the bomb, the building will need to reach the troops that are in the range of the tower.

The area is shaped like a circle where once a troop of your enemy reach that, then the tower will throw the bomb on them.


bomb tower-range

The range of the bomb throwing

Like Bomber, the bomb that created by Bomb Tower will be very effective to use against the cheap cards like Skeletons and Goblins as it will dismiss them right away.


bomb tower-2

Blow the bones

The splash damage of the bomb itself, of course, will create such damage on the troops that hit it but it will not affect too much to the high hitpoints card such as Prince, Witch or the other tank cards.

Remember also that the bomb tower will not be targeting the air troops. This makes it a very easy card to dismiss by the air troops like Minion or the Baby Dragon


bomb tower-3

The tower just can’t do anything against the air troops

It is a good addition to use the card as a distraction. This is effective to use it as a distraction once your enemy’s troops are marching on go near your tower then they will be distracted to attack the bomb tower first.

This can be used to distract dangerous building destroyer cards such as the Hog Rider or Balloon. You can distract them first and your princes’ tower will attack them while they are distracted.


bomb tower-4

Force the balloon to attack the bomb tower first


In my opinion, for spending 5 of your elixir, the card doesn’t really give many advantages in the game and it is wasting the elixirs just too much in a battle.

But that is my opinion though, I guess some of you maybe have this card as one of your favs. That is why it would be nice to hear your opinions on the card.

You can also share and discuss maybe the more interesting and better tips to use the card in the arena. Feel free to use the comment section down below to discuss it, mate.

I think that’s all from me for now, see you next time