NewsSeptember 18, 2016

Next Update Sneak Peek

Back with me your favorite wasted uncle and what I’m gonna say today is… it’s cliché by the way.

NewsSeptember 17, 2016

Mega Minion Sneak Peek

Hello young champs all over the world, good morning I would like to say to you. Hope my morning greeting can light

Seasonal Trophy Reset-Clash-Royale-Kingdom
NewsAugust 29, 2016

Seasonal Trophy Reset

Hi, all our dear Clash Royale geeks all over the world. Back with us the Clash Royale Kingdom crew here and we got

update sneak peek-yo
NewsJuly 3, 2016

Next Update Sneak Peek

It’s the beginning of the lovely July. I always love July. Maybe this month is the month that you guys should be