It’s a good news for those who look for X-bow deck because this article will discuss about the effective way to play X-bow. Immortal X-bow deck with Inferno Dragon turns out to be excellent and so strong. Let’s learn how to play X-bow effectively, this is it, best X-bow deck in Clash Royale for all arena !


Hey there, JohnnyBoy is back again with another X-bow article. I actually write so much article about X-bow deck and keep refining it whenever I find the new form, the better deck combination. So, I will share to you the newest form of the best X-bow deck which I consider better than any previous X-bow article.

Best X-bow deck in Clash Royale


Average elixir cost : 3.6


So, we will set the Inferno Dragon as primary defense card. If you play with X-bow and you are in arena 9 or above, you will most likely to meet opponent with high level tanker. And you know, Inferno Dragon will kill any level tanker so easily. The presence of Inferno Dragon makes this deck so effective.


Next, we will have Baby Dragon. I often use this one for defense as well and combining Baby Dragon and Inferno Dragon is the perfect way to shut countering with high level tanker followed by support. Place Inferno Dragon precisely to kill the tanker while Baby Dragon targeting on the supports behind tanker.


We have ground defenders as well, and for that position I highly recommend you to choose Valkyrie and Goblins. Valkyrie deals area damage, and that’s good to protect X-bow. She is like a damage receiver who protects the X-bow from getting hit.

Not only Valkyrie, Goblins are good to make the enemy busy and so we can prevent them from hitting our X-bow. You know what, in Clash Royale, I think keep the enemy busy is so good to prevent them destroying X-bow so easily.


Another ground troop is Musketeer. She is a hybrid troop that can hit air and ground units. I also recommend you to at least have a ranger because you can use her to support the defense and countering.


The last two cards would be spells, Arrows and Zap. No matter what, you need to have destructive spells in X-bow deck. Use arrows to kill Minion Horde, or whatever troops in group. And for the Zap, I often use Zap reset Sparky, Inferno card, and most importantly Skeleton Army and Bats that come to ambush our X-bow.

Here also, I play Zap retarget method whenever Inferno Dragon and some other troops are coming to enemy’s lane. If Inferno Dragon with Valkyrie or Baby Dragon can succeed the defense and they go attacking, we need Inferno Dragon to be alive. Therefore, we need to prepare Zap in case the enemy’s tower target on Inferno Dragon. Let Valkyrie or Baby Dragon be the target and protect Inferno Dragon, the ultimate damage dealer.

What to do in early game?

In early game, if you have X-bow and Valkyrie or Baby Dragon ready on the list, you can open counter first.

Send Valkyrie behind the crown tower, and wait till she gets near to the bridge. At this moment, build X-bow at the centre area in front of the river. If possible, don’t build X-bow at the side. This time, we will play X-bow efficiently and so we need to at least make the enemy harder to touch our X-bow.


This is how you defend effectively with Inferno Dragon and Musketeer

By placing X-bow on the centre, the enemy needs to cross the bridge and go slight to the centre. While they cross the bridge and enter our territory, we keep them busy with Valkyrie. Send Musketeer to protect X-bow from behind.

The point is, after you have X-bow, try as hard as you can to keep the enemy busy by sending any troops as distraction.

After the X-bow lifespan is over, you back on defense. Inferno Dragon is your primary defense card if you defend against tanker or Balloon and Hog Rider.


One Inferno Dragon can beat Golem easily


But if enemy counters with light tanker such as Knight or Valkyrie, just send your Valkyrie to go on combat.

What to do in late game?

When you enter 2x elixir, the countering and defending are pretty similar to the early game. However, this time, we can go more massive by always open counter first.

Go on counter or go lose

Deploy X-bow at the centre of your lane. And then, you don’t only keep the enemy busy by sending any troops you have on the list. This time, we can push them and send your troops to go on counter.

This is hard push guys, and if our troops get near to the tower, we force the enemy to defend and nearly impossible to touch our X-bow.

Immortal X-bow

Once your X-bow is over, I recommend you to go on defense. If necessary, you can use the X-bow for defense purpose. Just place it on the middle area near crown tower.

Here, your X-bow will help Valkyrie, Baby Dragon, and Inferno Dragon in defending against any counter. X-bow has sustained DPS which can’t be underestimated. Its continuous bullet will stop any incoming troops even before they can touch our tower.

Card replacement


Substitute Arrows with Fireball


Substitute Valkyrie with Knight


In conclusion, this ultimate X-bow Inferno Dragon deck is so powerful if you can play it effectively. One of best way to play it effectively is to play defense with few cards, but those cards can kill the incoming enemy troops. With this method of defense, it means that you don’t waste your elixir for unnecessary troops. Lastly, that’s why I add Inferno Dragon here, to get the effectiveness, especially in defense.

That’s it from me today, Best luck for you!