The Best X-bow Deck in current meta. Holla clash royale enthusiasts! How’s your day? Hope your Tuesday be light and everything will be okay. Herewith, I, JohnnyBoy, have a very special content for today. Tomorrow is the Halloween day and today’s article might be as dark as the Halloween. Today’s content is about how to play Hog rider combine with x-bow.

Bloody Nightmare

I thought that nightmare would only come to the children. As it turns out, it’s all wrong. Folks, I had a really vicious nightmare last night and probably that’s because we are about to held a Halloween day.

The nightmare was too bad that I lose my secondary CR account. When I woke up this morning, I checked my second account CR, you know what, I literally lose my second account. I think someone hacked me or I don’t know; not sure either.

If you guys know how to make my second account back please let me know in the comment section below okay?

Alright folks, in celebrating the Halloween day, it will be interesting if I write about a deck consisting the most vicious troops.

They are fast, kill enemy right in place, and some of dark troops as well.

Alright, we are gonna talk about best way to use x-bow and hog rider in Clash Royale.

Best Way 

The x-bow will complete the hog action from the bridge. And we will constantly protect the hog rider.

To fill the 6 more troops, we have dark prince, fire spirits, arrows, bats, knight, and the inferno dragon.

These deck is considered as vicious deck because the enemy won’t have any choice.

We have fastest siege building; x-bow that will focus on shooting its thunderbolt on the tower.

Besides, we have a hog rider who is a building targeting card.

We have a very beneficial combination here.

In one hand, we have hog rider who will hits and reduces the enemy’s tower.

On the other hand, we have x-bow who is also hits the tower constantly.

The enemy will have to choose whom to counter first. Meaning if they choose to counter the hog rider than we have lucky x-bow behind.

When the enemy decides to shut down the x-bow first, then we will have a free hog rider in front.

Evidently, after several battles using this deck, the enemy appears to be losing its power because they split their focus on the x-bow and hog rider.

Before we go further talking about the strategy, shall we move to the deck matchups first.

Deck Matchups

Average elixir cost : 3.5


Play This Deck

So far, we have supportive deck for x-bow and hog rider.

We have the fire spirits as backups for both primary cards.

Send the spirits whenever you go with the hog rider.

The spirits function to kill all the swarmy which used to counter the hog rider.

Besides the spirits, we have some spells used to handle swarmy.

We will have arrows ready to diminish minion horde. Minion horde is the most vicious swarmy I would say.

They are tankers killer, building targeting cards, and siege building like x-bow.

Send arrows immediately once you see the minion horde. Especially if you already have x-bow standing on the ground.

You can actually replace arrows with another suitable spell card such as zap or poison. But I highly suggest you to go with arrows.

How to start? 

To start your first move, the knight might be the good option.

We will have nothing to lose because it’s kinda like our deed to see what enemy has.

Besides, we can use knight to tank the x-bow.

Once you have the x-bow ready, send the knight right in front of it.

Any counter troops will come to the knight first and x-bow will be able to shoot the tower.

Once you reach this state, the enemy will try hard to combat the x-bow.

If they deploy swarmy, kill those fleet using arrows.

knight is on duty; protecting the x-bow


Right after, it’s time to play with the rider.

As I said earlier, always attach the fire spirits to complete the hog rider in case the enemy has more than one swarmy.

Troops like goblin gang, skeleton army, goblins, minions, archers, will be just a minor issue.

Hog rider will still be able to make some hits on the tower.

We play a different strategy with this deck, we reduce the tower HP little by little.

With only two hits from the hog rider, that’s beneficial, right?

How to defend? 

Now, it’s time to full defend.

We have a tanker killer here; inferno dragon.  

Thus, you don’t need to worry from P.E.K.K.A, lava, golem, giant, Giant skeleton, balloon.

Keep your inferno dragon and use it to counter those troops mentioned above.

anti tanker


Go defensively with an old school combo of knight bats might be strong as well.

This combo will be a perfect counter for barbarians, goblin gang, minions, witch, even wizard.

However, we shouldn’t play it in a wrong way.

Make sure the knight in front on the bats, so the fire splash from wizard will hit the knight instead of the bats.

Although this combo is cheap, but if we play it correctly, we will build a strong defense.

Best way to play the inferno dragon

Don’t forget about the burst damage of inferno dragon.  

We can use the inferno dragon to be lone striker.

To run the so called light ultimate, we need x-bow ready first.

Knight in front of x-bow

Support with the arrows if they counter with swarmy.

Then, deploy inferno dragon above the x-bow behind the knight.

Now, we have 3 deathly damage dealers and one of them should be reducing tower HP drastically, believe me, this is a nightmare for your opponent.

You can send the bats too if your elixir recharged and enough.

Send the bats after the inferno dragon, or bats first then inferno might be right as well.

You’ll be so pleased by the presence of the knight because he is the one damage receiver in this combo.

Don’t hesitate to run every step in this combo because you’ll regret if you delay just one step.

able to to counter massive attack


Best way to play the dark prince

Folks, keep in mind that we have the rider in the black iron mask; dark prince

In 2x elixir or if you get one tower already especially in the late game, play the dark prince.

You better keep the dark prince until you enter the 2x elixir, this is surprise and sure it’s harmful.

To bring the Halloween home, we should build the x-bow and knight ready on the ground.

Support the x-bow and knight with the spells you have.

Wait till elixir enough to deploy the dark prince.

Immediately deploy prince on the bridge

keep the surprise till 2x elixir 

This is Halloween and this should be full of surprise.

The dark prince from the bridge brings the death for the opponent.

He deals splash damage area, so don’t worry if you face the troops like goblins, archers, and skeleton army.

However, we better still support him on every step of him.

Another vital aspect is to make sure that you deploy the prince after the opponent deploy their damage dealer.

The troops like P.E.K.K.A, Valkyrie, or tankers will beat the prince.

So, deploy the prince after you see the enemy launches those troops.

If the path is clear from high HP troops, dark prince will be the king of the road.

He will alone reduce the tower HP significantly.

This is the correct way of how to use dark prince.

Middle Empty Space

Another perfect timing to play dark prince is when you already get one tower.

There would be a middle space on the middle.

That’s where we launch the prince.

Of course, we don’t simply deploy him without any backups.

The strategy is similarly the same as when 2x elixir.

Set the x-bow first on the bridge.

ASAP deploy the knight in front of x-bow.

Support the knight and the x-bow with spell cards or if necessary, go with the inferno dragon.

Give the opponent your best fight.

After they launch the tanker, high HP troops, and swarmy, deploy the dark prince on the middle space.

Make sure he is not alone.

Hog rider can be an excellent option for dark prince’s companion.

Or else, you can deploy inferno dragon from the bridge.

You might want to prepare arrows if you choose to send the inferno dragon.

Either inferno dragon or dark prince will connect to the tower in this time.

Nightmare = dark prince on the middle


They both are very strong, especially in higher level.

Both cards are single fighter that we can set as the surprise.

Have a fun Halloween celebration!

Alright folks, that’s the steps, cards, and deck matchups for Halloween eve.

Do you agree in our list? Leave your brilliant ideas or suggestion in the comment section below!

Happy Halloween once again! Have fun!