Top Clash Royale Witch Deck and strategy

Come back again with me, JohnnyBoy. In this beautiful sunny day I am gonna talk about another troll deck. Have you ever seen any players play using all skeletons in the deck or maybe you have tried it? It got me curious, and I’ve been wondering about what would happen if I troll using all skeletons on the battle field. Then, I tried it, and it’s actually not bad. Alright, so this is it; Top Witch Deck with hunderds skeletons.  

Skeletons in Diversity

Just FYI, I don’t literally play with only skeletons and skeletons army, I pick the balloon, witch, and the tombstone which are also skeletons in the different form.

Yeah, I play with the card filled with whole skeletons troops. If you like skeletons because it’s efficient, here, you’ll find skeletons more than useful but truly killing machine. Alright, let’s jump to the deck combination. 

Deck Combination

Average elixir cost : 3.5


Play This Deck

Skeletons and skeleton army

The first two cards are skeletons and the army. Of course, I should pick both cards because they are the pure skeletons and I play skeletons so yeah, they are the main cards which later fully fill the battle field.

Once they are together on battle field, you’ll be shocked seeing whole lane filled by massive army; the thousand skeletons.

We all know that skeletons are nothing but distraction, but in this deck, we don’t make skeletons just the bone ashes, the skeletons are the cards which burn the whole towers.

You might think how you manage your countering with skeletons without any tank in front of them, well, there is the balloon who has the higher HP in the deck.

However, balloon is not a tank either right? I don’t use balloon to tank but there is something else we can do to run all skeletons forward.

Skeletons in other form

Bomber and witch

We move to the centre players in the deck. Bomber and witch will herd the skeletons from behind. Both cards deal with splash damage and we need area damage dealer to free the path for our skeletons.

In most battle, the enemy will send skeletons army to handle the skeletons army. Bomber will easily clear the crowds and so our skeletons won’t take long time to fight them one by one and still focus on stabbing the tower.

Skeletons are not the tank for bomber and witch, but the main strikers. They need bomber and the witch behind to clear the path for them.

To guard them we still have the witch who will add more and more skeletons which we need to quicken the skeletons in finishing off the tower.

By the presence of witch, skeletons will multiply and it’s a good thing to do to make sure we don’t run short of skeletons.

There will be always more and more skeletons stabbing the tower. I also play witch and the bomber to give damage on the tower as well.


Here is the number one damage dealer on this deck. I use balloon to do bomb attack and the right time to launch it is when we have spell cards especially freeze available.

When you have skeletons ready on the lane and balloon with freeze on the list, we can launch balloon first so the balloon will approach the tower flying above the skeletons.

Hopefully, the tower will hit the skeletons so we have full HP balloon.

When the balloons reach the tower, see what does the enemy do to anticipate it. When they send anything to block the balloon, immediately launch freeze on the tower together with the troops so nothing hits the balloon.

Balloon will cause serious damage to the tower and usually it only drops two bombs, but still it reduces the tower HP a lot.

If you are curious to know what’s the perfect match for the balloon you can check our article Awesome Giant Balloon Deck – No Legendary Card

About the Spells

Freeze and fireball

We can use both spell cards to stop anything which try to block the skeletons.

Normally, we can drop the freeze when the skeletons reach the bridge.

In most cases, the enemy will launch wizard or any troops with are damage. We freeze the tower and also the troops so there is nothing can stop the skeletons.

Once you freeze them all, all the skeletons will begin stabbing up the tower together with the troops under the freeze until there’s nothing left.

Seriously this is catastrophe for the enemy because all skeletons and the army will be like a flash, stabbing all away in instant.

Meanwhile I use fireball after I drop the freeze. So, after we drop the freeze the enemy will launch more troops to stop the skeletons.

Once they deploy any card we send the fireball to handle it. But remember, you don’t wanna send fireball if there are a few skeletons left.

Send it when you see the skeletons potentially reduce the tower HP. That’s how I play the spell card for countering.

When defending, both cards are vital since we don’t have any troops to handle the air troops.

So, whenever the enemy deploy inferno dragon or lava or anything flying, you can freeze and fireball them and it will be so good for us because it will significantly reduce the HP until they won’t be able to destroy our tower.

Building card


We need this card to distract and of course to produce more and more skeletons. Put the tombstone on the centre part of the lane and we launch it for nothing.

In this moment, the enemy will probably launch light troops to come forward and starting the battle.

Once the battle begins you’ll start up with the skeletons, while we have tombstone ready. So, we don’t really need to worry about the defense.

One tombstone in the middle can be a distraction for all incoming troops. And when they got distracted, they should come to destroy the tombstone building first while our towers will freely hit those troops.

Simple strategy

– Put the tombstone in the first place, to run the skeletons production and for defensive distraction. 

– Once you put the tombstone, you have strengthened your defense. See what’s enemy’s move. 

– Better play defense first, don’t be so rash to do massive attack at the early game. Because you don’t have strong cards for defense. 

Your best building for distraction 

– after play safe, now it’s time to send a bit rumble attack using skeletons army together with the balloon. Remember to always have your spell card available especially freeze. 

– if the tower targets the balloon when our troops are coming, launch freeze immediately, so our balloon doesn’t die before its time

Don’t freeze if balloon still has high HP

Deploy freeze for skeletons. Thousands free stabs on enemy silent tower

– But if the balloon is out of enemy’s tower target, you can save the spell card until they send their troops to block ours. That’s how you play defense and attack.

– Play your witch wisely, and you can launch it after you are sure that the witch is out of enemy’s tower target. 

Guys, this deck is so fun and unique I would say, because we don’t have any troops; just skeletons. And this deck is actually for trolling purposes, and the purpose of trolling play is to get you entertained. You’ll be fun playing with this deck because the lane will full of thousand tiny skeletons in view. Although it’s just a troll deck it’s not so bad; even you can set this deck to be a serious deck; not just for trolling. 

That’s pretty much it for today guys. Hope you enjoy this article and let me know what you want me to review in the next article. You want me to discuss troll deck, or best deck, or unusual combination deck, or anything you want, please feel free to leave your comment below. See you again soon!