Howdy, clashers! Back here with me verdaccio. Coming to you to share some card guide. Today it’s going to be the three musketeers we’re going to discuss. Without any further intro, let’s get into it.



Bad things

This is one of the riskiest cards to play in the game. It is 9 elixirs cost to deploy. The thing is, there some cheaper cards to counter the three musketeers. For instance, a skeleton army or a fireball/ rocket can take them out so quickly that doesn’t really make any hard times for the tower. However, even the same level fireball can’t kill three musketeers, and it just can give the enemy has a significant elixir advantage, though. 



Three Musketeers are just so vulnerable to any kind of swarm army. Thus, some three musketeers’ players are usually doing some baiting first before deploying the three musketeers.


Good Things

First of all, three musketeers can be a fantastic support for tank such as Giant, Royal Giant, Golem, etc. Also, a support for a semi-tank like Valkyrie can do a tremendous job taking everything in front of the line. Most noteworthy, a buff/ support spell like heal and rage can really be a fantastic attempt. Another thing to consider, even though it’s very risky, you can combine the three musketeers with the lumberjack. It costs 13 Elixirs, but if not efficiently counter, you can take out towers in an instant.



If they already lock their target to the towers, it most likely that tower is going down. The enemy usually uses zap or log to make three musketeers hit another target.

In deploying, you can use them at the back of your crown tower. There are two benefits why you should do this. First, you can make them go in two lanes. Two musketeers will fill the first line, and another one is going to the other side all alone. This way the enemy’s fireball/ rocket/ lightning can’t kill all of them in one try.



The other benefit is that your elixirs are just gone for 9. You might want to deploy them at the back of your crown tower to give your elixir bar time to recharge.

These three rangers can also be high in counter pushing. This happens if the three musketeers’ user, use them as a defense mechanism. After you have succeeded defending your base against the enemy using three musketeers, you can deploy a tank in front of them.



Some advanced players consider this card needs some buffs. Well, what do you think?






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