What’s up, clashers! Back here with me verdaccio. Coming to you to share some tips about the use of the Poison spell. Sit back relax, let’s rock!
First of all, you can unlock the Poison from the spell valley, arena 5. It’s a damaging spell. With an average radar is not really matter because it can cause such an annoying with its gradual damage. The cost is 4 elixirs to deploy place the poison.






This card considered to be one of the end-game cards in every battle. Any towers with low health points can be quickly taken down by this spell. Furthermore, you can use the poison to any units that close to the tower, and you can kill the units and hit the towers at the same time. Well, you can take out the enemy’s support behind a tank with this spell, too.
Another useful thing to do is you can take out any spawning building like the barbarian hut or goblin hut. You can destroy elixir collector by poisoning it, too. Also, the poison is an excellent counter to a damaging building, it can take out most of x-bow or mortar HP, and if your poison has a higher level, it can destroy them in no time. You can trade the elixirs for hitting any swarm army with this spell, though.




The difficulty

Well, it’s quite challenging to make the enemy’s troops stay in the area. Most noteworthy, those who can run fast like elite barbarians. You can aim at the shadow of the units in front of it, though. This is quite an efficient way to hit any moving targets. However, because of this, poison pairs awesomely with the tornado. The tornado can control the crowd to stay in some area and make it a beautiful combo of the poison. The poison will quickly destroy any kind of massive attack.



Why should we have a poison on our deck?

In conclusion

We should have the poison card on the deck to be the damage dealer. If you are in the higher level of the poison, you will be able to destroy one tower when it has below 300 HP left. The poison can also be used to counter the enemy’s incoming troops. Here I am giving you a tip to play poison properly. Before you launch your poison, make sure that the enemy’s forces gather first so when the poison began it will execute a group of troops, not just one. And how you should collect them? You can use tornado and pull them to the whirlwind and once they gathered deploy poison or vice versa. The collaboration between the poison and tornado will execute the enemy’s damage dealer and also can reduce enemy’s tank HP. In the advance battle, the enemy usually encloses the elixir collector which will get you into trouble. You better deploy poison whenever you see the enemy launch the collector so they won’t get elixir profit by having more elixir than you.

Yes, I already said earlier that poison meant to finish off the tower. Poison is a spell card which has the gradual damage point. We better be wise in using the poison. Besides, we can use the poison to break the enemy’s counter-attack. Perhaps when we face against inferno dragon deck, or lava deck, or golem deck, we can launch the poison, and sure it impacts a lot of damage to those troops.

Well, that is all from me today, folks! Don’t forget to tell your fellow clan mates about this guide so that you can grow together! Cheers!