Howdy, clashers! What a fantastic day to play all day. Johnnyboy & verdaccio are back to you to share some awesome guide regarding the newest game mode, Touchdown.” Have you tried it? Well, this time I’m going to discuss the best cards to use in touchdown only-on CR Kingdom! Sit back and relax!






Tombstone is a building card that can stop the enemy or slow them down which we can use whenever the enemy sends their tanker like golem or lava. We force the tankers to destroy the tombstone first before they make a touchdown. Having tombstone can give us sometimes to deploy our best damage dealers to kill the tankers. Besides, its skeletons spawn can complicate the enemy that they should kill the skeletons one by one. In some cases, the lucky skeleton can make a touchdown because the enemy sometimes underestimates it. Playing in touchdown mode means that we should succeed our troops to make it to the enemy finish line. Therefore, there would be a lot of strategies to stop those incoming forces. One of them is by building the tombstone before the enemy makes a touchdown.


Bomb Tower

Bomb tower is also a building card that can either topple the opponent or distract them. As a result, we can use Bomb T to kite whenever the opponent delivers their tank/building-targeting cards such as Golem, Lava, Giant, etc. You will force those tankers to destroy the Bomb T before getting to the touchdown line. With the Bomb T in your strategy, you can kite those tank and deploy your damage dealer to kill the supporting army in the other area. The primary job description for Bomb T is not only to kite tanks but also prevent any troops make it to the finish line.




Hog rider

This card is a fast troop, and no army can stop it because he just focuses on building. We can send a hog rider to steal a touchdown while we are busy fighting in one lane. Send it unexpectedly, and the enemy will nearly lose by a running hog. And how if there is a building card? Don’t panic and keep your Hog until the building running out its lifespan. Afterwards, we can send it. How about the enemy stops our hog by a building card when we already carry it? If you have any spell cards, use it to destroy the building. If the enemy plays other defense to stop a hog rider than we better stop trying to avoid negative elixir trait.



Gol!! I mean touch! Touch it touch the line! Yes, this is another building-targeting card that will stop at nothing but building. Hence, this huge walking rock will make it to the finish line. Unlike the Battle Ram that relies upon its speed, Golem relies upon its high amount of health. Never underestimate a slow speed card in the touchdown, though.




Battle Ram

Battle Ram is a building-targeting card that has a charging speed. The Barbarians under the Log walks at first, and they started to run few seconds after deploying. No other building-targeting card has a fast speed than the Battle Ram. I don’t know what to call it, they/it let me know guys! They/it will stop running at nothing but building.


Damaging Spell



Next, we have a spell card, and luckily it deals with air and ground units. We can send the fireball to cover the runner. So, we counter every stopper by the fireball. The air and ground swarms are also included in the stopper list. Remember, a fireball can’t make you win the game by throwing it to the touchdown line.


Normal Units

bowler-card-clash-royale-kingdom witch-card-clash-royale-kingdommini-PEKKA-card-Clash-Royale-Kingdomgoblins-gang-card-Clash-Royale-Kingdomgoblins-card-clash-royale-kingdom spear-goblins-card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom


Another stopper card is a bowler. The gigantic blue weird face man can stop the fast runner like battle ram pretty nicely. He rolls the big stone to push away the ram and reduce its HP too. Besides its high HP, it can resist from the swarms also. Thousands swarm will be crushed by one rolling stone.



Not forget to mention that witch is a stopper card which is so useful to defend. However, this one is pretty special that it can spawn skeletons which we can use to steal wins. The witch is like a moving tombstone even with more skeletons spawn. In many cases, underestimate troops like skeletons are forgotten, and that brings us victory. It proves that winning doesn’t always come from glorious runner cards. Sometimes we just need to sneak the tiny fast speed movement skeletons to make a touchdown.


Mini P.E.K.K.A

This card might shock you, but eventually, its little steps can make a touchdown. However, the strategy is a bit different. We play mini P.E.K.K.A since we defend our line. Send mini P.E.K.K.A to counter the fast runners such as prince and dark prince. By only two sword swings, those runners will be killed. After he dies the runners, he will continue running to the enemy line and make a touchdown. So, we can play it defensively, and its tiny little steps will bring us glory.


The Goblins

The group of goblins is highly recommended for your draft pick. We don’t play the regular game, and this is touchdown where we need to compete the enemy by quickly making a touchdown. Making a touchdown means that we need superb fast troops and the goblins are one of those.

That’s it, guys! If you have anything you want to know? Please send me your ideas or suggestion in the comment section below. Your comments and ideas so much inspire me to write you more and more useful article. Well, if you find this one helps, don’t forget to share it with your friends. See yaa!