Hey, guys! Back again with me verdaccio, what’s up. Today I’m going to share some sudden death tips  for you about this last-minute situation and how to deal with it. It’s no secret that even pro players sometimes get on tilt in the last minute of the battle. Here my partners and I have worked on how often we lose control and how we overcome it. So, here we go!



Keep your cool!


Any scary card is coming whether you like it or not. Thus, never get panicked, just keep focusing on how to deal with any cards in front of you. Most noteworthy, always mind your placement and timing deployment.


Keep any towers left alive!


Yeah, no kidding! This is literally something you can’t afford. When your enemy has any building-targeting cards, remember you have to play defensively and attack with your counter attack. If the enemy doesn’t rely on it instead, use damaging spells, deliver your full attack right away.


Remember the cycle (How they use their card and when it’s up, against what card, etc..)

Well, take it as a situation. For instance, you must have figured something out from your enemy’s style in play. Like, you can remember of your opponent’s move in using their Inferno tower/Tombstones every time you deploy your Giant/Hog/Balloon or use Arrows to wipe any swarm army. This will provide you some important reminder to notice when you have to use your card exactly you want it to play.


Try to always trade elixir smartly

Actually, in every battle with any type of decks, you will always have a counter card at least to go up against certain card in your enemy’s deck. Always try to respond with something that you think is the best option. In making an Elixir Advantage, you can put something cheaper than the enemy’s card and can prevent it to do anything to your base. Also, it’ll put on the offensive side since you can deliver your massive counter-attack afterward.

Here’s an example, use Knight to fight against the Bowler, with your right placement, your tower can help do damage to the Bowler as for the Knight being the tanker, it’ll put you up by +3 Elixir, and clearly you have the lead in the game or take a look at that.



Always prepare a certain card to play with the enemy’s certain card (Countering card)


I think this is the most important after all. Imagine a situation all right guys, probably, there’s a P.E.K.K.A/Giant Skeleton/Elite Barbarians in your enemy’s deck, ok. Keep one of those cards in mind and then count it once it has deployed. After they use 4 cards, the card will be back at the one of those, right. Here, perhaps you have a kiter like the Skeletons, Knight, Tombstones, etc. You might want to wait for one these cards of yours to be dealt and use it as a counter to the P.E.K.K.A/Giant Skeleton/Elite Barbs when the enemy play one of those. 



Defend your base from delivered massive attack


Fail to destroy the tower in one attempt? Don’t be so hasty, though. Let just say when you play your card offensively, but it ends up with you facing the enemy’s massive attack. Well, this is what you need to know. As I said, don’t be so hasty. If you’re confident with your attack, it’s your call but if you’re not so sure, just don’t deploy anything and wait instead. Since you have to save your money in the bank for the worst situation. It’s exactly what you need to do. Decide to play all-out attack in sudden death is just so risky. Play safely is not being pussy guys! But it’s smart, and I really like what Elvis said, Only Fools Rush in!

Most of all, this is just a mindset, if you’re really that good in playing your cards in sudden death, you might as well play it as your ultimate strategy goes. But then again, I still advise you to consider the patient mankind of play.

I have to go to the bathroom now, just let me know something in the comment column guys! If you have any question or suggestions, ok. Verdaccio, peace out!