Three Musketeer deck will get stronger if we have another counter combo as alternative. Let’s combine Giant Wizard combo to be in this best deck in Clash Royale. See how to combine both combo of Three Musketeer Battle Ram and Giant Wizard. This is it, the best Three Musketeer deck ever made in the world!


Hey there, it’s me Verdaccio and I’m so much ready to rock your day. In today’s article, we will discuss the best Three Musketeers deck along with the alternative counter combo that we will play as well. 

You know, Three Musketeers is the most expensive card in Clash Royale and so easily be killed. Even only with Fireball, Valkyrie, Lightning, or Rocket can quickly remove Three Musketeers out of existence.

However, if we have alternative counter combo, we don’t need to be so worried of those destructive spells. Before we discuss any further, let’s see the deck matchups first.

The best Three Musketeers deck


Average elixir cost : 4.5

Play This Deck

The purpose of having Giant and Wizard is to give you an alternative counter, in case the enemy plays with Rocket or any destructive spells. Obviously, we have 2 counter archetypes here, Three Musketeers Battle Ram and Giant Wizard and play them alternately. And the rest of the cards are mainly support cards and Valkyrie is the primary defender.

What to do in early game?

I often play this combo in early game. Also, while I have Giant, Wizard, and Bats in countering, I have chance to build Elixir Collector.


Giant Wizard at early game

Once we have the collector charging elixir in quickly, we can send Three Musketeers Battle Ram combo in the next counter. That’s the basic of countering in this solid, unstoppable, and best Three Musketeers deck.

I highly recommend you to play only Giant Wizard combo in early game. That’s okay if you build the collector in early game.

After countering with Giant and Wizard, we need to defend the lane. In defending, we will have Valkyrie and Bats as the primary defenders. Although the defenders seem not so great, they are actually quite strong.


Cheap defense with good positioning

Especially, we have Ice Spirit which is good for card rotation. Throw out Ice Spirit in order to get Wizard for defense purpose.

Otherwise, if we have Elixir Collector build after countering with Giant Wizard, we will have enough elixir to deploy Three Musketeers in immediate time.

So, after countering with Giant Wizard combo, you can defend the lane with Three Musketeers. Make sure to always separate them, in case the enemy have Fireball or Rocket.

Defensive 3 Musketeers, and counter push with Battle Ram

Then, you might need to help 2 Musketeers that you focus on defending with Ice Spirit or Bats. At this moment of defending, you’ll most likely to succeed defending with Three Musketeers.

After defending, send Battle Ram on the bridge to counter push. Here, we play Three Musketeers Battle Ram counter archetype. You can add Bats or Ice spirit in this countering. Don’t send Wizard or Valkyrie to join Musketeers and Ram, this is early game and shouldn’t be too overcommitted.

When to build Elixir Collector?

Building Collector is expensive and needs time, therefore we have to play Giant Wizard so we can still counter or defend with them.

The best timing to build Elixir Collector is when you play with Giant Wizard. Giant have high HP, and if protected with Wizard, he will live longer. We utilize this situation to build Elixir Collector. 

Basically, we build collector after Giant Wizard, and when Valkyrie available on the list for defense

After the collector recharge quickly, we can play Three Musketeers Ram. That’s the biggest reason why we have Giant and Wizard, to fill the emptiness while we are waiting for elixir.

What to do in 2x elixir?

When you enter 2x elixir, you still need to build more Elixir Collector. Still, play Giant Wizard Three Musketeers alternately. Start with defensive Wizard, help him with cheap cards, and then counter push with Giant. Then, build the Collector.

Afterwards, while enemy’s defenders take sometime to kill our Giant, we can wait till elixir reaches 9 bars. Then, you defend with Three Musketeers to kill enemy’s defenders that continue counter push.

Since this is 2x elixir, you can add Valkyrie to defend with Three Musketeers. After you finish defending, send Battle Ram on the bridge. Lastly, Ice Spirit and Bats.


Help musketeers with any cards

I guarantee you, the tower will be destroyed this time. These 2 counter archetypes are so overwhelming guys. And the enemy maybe already spend their important defenders to kill Giant Wizard. And maybe their cards are the counter troops when we have Three Musketeers counter. That means, enemy is pretty much running out of defenders.

Since the elixir runs so fast, you can have the ultimate. The strongest counter archetype in this best Three Musketeers deck is to combine Three Musketeers, Giant, Valkyrie, and Battle Ram. How to do it?

That’s easy, make sure to have 2 Elixir Collectors. Then, when you defend with Three Musketeers, make sure to deploy Valkyrie to defend as well.

Next step, deploy Giant in front of Valkyrie. Giant will enter the enemy’s territory first and behind the big guy, there so much crazy troops ready to destroy the tower.

Just put something hard in front of 3 Musketeers, it’s sustainable

The very last thing, send Battle Ram to make sure 100% you get the tower. If you have 2 Elixir Collectors, you’ll be able to run this ultimate. Trust me.

What happens in ultimate?

Guys, when you have Three Musketeers behind Giant and Valkyrie, you are doing Ultimate. Here’s what happens if you are in this glorious situations. 

Just put something hard in front of 3M again and again


Harder with Valkyrie


Just make sure you never stop countering once you reach this moment


There are so many Three Musketeers decks out there, but in my opinion, they are not strong enough. You might need to play with this deck, feel the greatness and endless countering. And by playing it, you’ll realize that 9 elixirs cost for god sake troop will be so much worth it.

Smash it! Good luck my friends!