Hello, guys! It’s verdaccio. Today I’m going to share some cheap deck guides yet, can synergies-well. I’ve been tried all this deck by myself to fight in the sudden death/late game. I’ve been trying to prove that a cycle/cheap deck can really be a pain in the **s. So, without any further ado, let’s check the first deck.



Onto the decks!



Average Elixir Cost: 3.6

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On the first deck, I use the combination of the Giant and the ranged cards as the main attacking strategy. However, this is not an offensive deck, though. It’s rather a defensive deck but with, a massive counter-attack. Yup, that’s right we have to play on defense and wait for the opportunity where you have your rangers alive and well. And prepare the Giant as your tank to ready to attack and to be a protection for the rangers so as to make them the damage dealer.

As for the defense mechanism, the Tombstones and the Knight are used as the kiter while damage can come either from the tower or the rangers.




Average Elixir Cost: 3.4

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The second deck is all about the Hog. The rest, they’re just cameos. Well, every card in this deck is purposed to have the Hog back’s. The combination of the Hog with the three spells up above is just a nice combination. The Hog Freeze is currently the most famous but, Hog Poison and Hog Zap can be an alternative, too. Also! As the topic says, it can be all mix up in sudden death and give you the game.

As the defensive, the Knight is again up with the Tombstones. The minions and the musketeers can be a great help, though.




Average Elixir Cost: 3.5

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Come to the third deck guys! This is the deck which requires you to be hungry for winning. Yup, this is the offensive deck from me so far. It’s just amazingly can deliver a massive attack. As the Prince is the main actor and the Witch is the supporting character the stage is just broken already. As the Barrel and the Fire Spirits are coming, too. Don’t forget the reinforcement, though, there are Zap and the Fireball.

In defending, you can make use any card but Prince. This deck can also deliver a massive counterattack if you have some troops left after taking some attempt from the enemy. Just deploy the Prince right away.




Average Elixir Cost: 3.5

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Ramping and Pekka-ing are the main tactics here. They can destroy a tower in only one attempt, with the rage in our hands it just makes it even more massive. Well, the rest of the cards are also important in supporting the main actors there. The ram and the Pekka are really vulnerable against any swarm army that’s why we need the Zap or the Fireball as the main reinforcement. While the Spear Gobs and the Musketeer will become double agent since they can both help the defense and offense. In addition, let’s not forget the Tombstones there, again, Tombstones can be an amazing defense mechanism.




Average Elixir Cost: 3.5

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We’ve come to the last one. This deck has the Balloon as its main attacking. But then again, this deck is a defensive deck. It requires your patience to be on fire. You have to wait for the opportunity to attack. All you have to do first is to defend your base. By defending the tower/the crown you will have your troops gather all together in your safe zone after you make your base safe and sound, and the supporting army is ready to strike, deploy the Balloon and it’s just almost impossible to stop this deck in the sudden death situation.

As usual, you can add your opinion on the deck here in the Kingdom if you guys also have more or better strategy in using the decks then feel free to express it all in the comment section down below. Me signing out, have a blissful day my friend. Cheers!