What’s up people of the world. Back here with me, verd. Coming to you to share some card guide. Today it is going to be the cards that can give all you want in the world, winning. Yes, this is an aim for those of you who like to play with kind of spell style.


Before we begin, I would like to say that these cards down below only in my suggestion to be. Thus, forgive me if there are some ways that I forgot to mention. However, I have proven these cards to be the most popular cards in blowing building at the last moment of battles. Without any further ado, let’s check those cards!


Goblin barrel


Goblin barrel, of course. The desperate measure is just another term to tell the time for this card to be deployed! Some advanced players will always keep deploying this card, whenever they get the chance, so… you might want to do just the same!




The graveyard is rather similar to goblin barrel, though. Utilize the ability of the world deploying, deploy it whenever and wherever you want! However, you cannot just deploy it whenever you want, grave needs some support to get the full benefit, but! In critical situation, you can let those skeletons go alone!




Lightning is usually put as the destroyer in the last minute of the battle. Some advanced players use the card as a surprise as they will not use the lightning until the enemy’s tower reach the minimum health damage for the lightning to destroy it.




Poison is just another epic spell that is so useful in the desperate situation. This toxic spell is just an effective way to keep reducing the enemy’s tower health points. With this spell in your deck, you can blow enemy’s tower in the last minute of the game or sudden death.




Fireball is a blower with an average damage. It splashes and if touching any units, they will get knock backed. Players I find, they usually use this spell whenever they see if it is worth it to use it. Seeing any swarm army? Three Musketeers? Elixir Collector? Any huts? You name it, they would always go with the fireball to destroy them. However, using the fireball to destroy any critical towers is just a beautiful strategy.




Last but not least… This is the spell that makes surgical goblin a champion. Have you watched the final game? Well, you should! Here!!! Without the rocket, I don’t know, I just don’t know!

How about those cards, guys? If you find any other cards that you think can be really helpful as the end-game kind of cards, please kindly share where with us! In the meantime, enjoy! Verd, peace out!