This is the most wicked and best spawner deck. For those who play Clash Royale with spawner archetype, you need to try combining Lumberjack and Goblin Hut. Let’s see how Lumberjack can work mutually with this unstoppable, solid, and best spawner deck. This is it, best spawner deck with Lumberjack!


Hey there, you are here with me again, JohnnyBoy, and today I’m gonna discuss about Lumberjack Spawner deck. So many people hate spawners counter archetype because they sustainably counter the tower. Although dealing with little damage, but sometimes the enemy will be so annoyed and forced to always play defensive. We will give hard pressure for the enemy and force them to play defensive. Well, let’s see the deck matchups first.

Best Spawner deck with Lumberjack


Average elixir cost : 3.9

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As you can see, we have 3 tiny tankers, Knight, Valkyrie, and Baby Dragon. I think it would be better if we have cheap cards, yet having reliable HP to always protect the Spear Goblins from the hut. By doing this, you actually give protection for the spawner so that they can always deliver the sustained DPS.

The three tiny tankers have the same duty here, we can use them to receive damage as well as defending the lane. Pick either Valkyrie or Knight to be sent first, then, let the spawner give extra damage on every incoming troops. This is the defense strategy that I recommend you to do.


We also have Wizard. This is the area dealer that I often use in counter push. So, after defending with tiny tankers, you can counter push with Wizard. In counter push, you can send Lumberjack. Better if you place Wizard behind Lumberjack to give him area protection.

Minions Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

Next card is Minions. I often play Minions after Lumberjack connects to the tower. Here, we actually utilize rage effect from Lumberjack. So, deploy Minions on the bridge during the rage effect.


Lastly, we have Arrows. This is the only spell that we got. I recommend you to bring Arrows because most of our cards are non-area dealers. Use Arrows once your attackers enter the enemy territory. Sometimes, the enemy can kill our spawner march by using Princess or Minion Horde.

When to build the Goblin Hut?

This is the important thing that sometimes misunderstood by so many players. In this Lumberjack spawner deck, you can build the Goblin Hut when you have any tiny tankers ready on the card list. If you don’t have any tiny tankers, don’t build the hut because you can’t defend the tower if enemy suddenly play bridge spam.

The perfect timing to build the hut!

The second thing is to always build the hut when you have above 7 elixirs. This will enable you to deploy tiny tanker in immediate if the enemy play bridge spam.

Basic countering in Lumberjack spawner deck

So, the basic countering in Lumberjack spawner deck is to always focus on defending. Pay attention to your defense guys, the countering is easy part if you can succeed defending. Since you are playing with Goblin Hut, you can rely the defense on them. Just place a tiny tanker in front of the spawner march line, and you’ll safe.

Always make sure that you have something hard in front of the march, that’s the key of the whole gameplay. The battle winning depends on how you run the counter push.


Lumberjack leads the marched spawner

In counter push, you need to have Lumberjack to lead the spawner in attacking. Lumberjack is so fast guys, and after he dies, we can boost the Spear Goblins performance during the rage effect.

What to do in early game?

So, in early battle, you can build the Goblin Hut when you have Valkyrie or Knight available on the card list. This is the safest play to start the spawner archetype.

Then, wait till enemy deploys any card to defend the tower. Their defenders will probably survive and continue walking to our tower.

At this moment, we need to defend the lane with Valkyrie or Knight. Therefore, you need one of these two cards ready before you build the hut, for quick defense. Try to secure the lane by playing only with the tiny tankers. Here, you’ll find the spawner are being so handy since they give cheap damage on enemy.


They are always handy in both countering and defending

Your next move depends on the Goblin Hut lifespan. If the hut is over, you can build another one. Still, you need to have tiny tankers available on the card list.

What to do in late game?

Once you enter late game, you can initiate counter first. And this time, you’ll need to build more than one Goblin Hut to give harder pressure.

And once you have one or two Goblin Hut, you can deploy Lumberjack or tiny tankers on the bridge to lead the countering. I highly recommend you to play defensive before you have 2 Goblin Huts. Try to succeed defense, then, once Goblin Hut appears on the list, build it.


Succeed defense first, then you can counter

Now, after you have 2 huts, it’s time for countering. As I said earlier, countering is easy part. You just need to send either Knight, Valkyrie, or Lumberjack in front of the spawner march line.

Once you can synergize spawner deck with Lumberjack, you’ll win

Once your elixir recharge, send Minions or Wizard to join. The point is just go non-stop guys, this is 2x elixir and elixir runs so much faster. Lastly, you can always send Arrows to protect your attackers.

Go non-stop when you have 2 huts already!


The countering is easy, just need to pay attention on when you should build the Goblin Hut. Once you have it, place tiny tankers in front of the marched line. Lumberjack is the best leader of the marched line spawner, but we can’t always force him to be always in front. Any tiny tankers can be a good leader of the spawner.

In 2x elixir, go non-stop! Alright, good luck guys!