After certain changes of buff and nerf in Clash Royale, Sparky deck is affected quite a lot. In this article guide, I will give you the best Sparky deck current meta. The deck costs 3.7 average elixir, yet this deck has a very strong and synergize defense and counter line up. 


Hey there, you are here with me again JohnnyBoy and I’m ready to help you master Clash Royale strategy. In this article, we will have a solid Sparky deck current meta with Inferno Dragon as no.2 winning condition. By the presence of Inferno Dragon, we give enemy a hard times as they need to shut both of them without any delay. 

In Clash Royale, if you are playing with Sparky or Inferno Dragon, you understand how crucial an area dealer is. And here, we will have Valkyrie and Baby Dragon. Well, let’s check the deck matchups first before we go any further. 

Sparky deck current meta


Average elixir cost : 3.7

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As you can see, we will have 2 area dealers and 2 winning conditions. If you want to make a solid counter and defense, I believe we need to pick up 2 area dealers. Valkyrie is very important here. We can use her to be a damage receiver whenever we defend against incoming troops especially ground units. Valkyrie has high HP, and quite high damage too, so, we can rely on her in defending. 


Next, we have Baby Dragon. I often use this one for defense against Minion Horde. And the dragon can be a good support for Inferno Dragon in countering. Every ground and air swarms will be executed quickly and so Inferno Dragon can focus on the tower. 


There are 2 cheap cards: Goblins and Archers. We can use these 2 cards to help Valkyrie in defending. So, after you deploy Valkyrie, send either Goblins or Archers to deal more damage. In countering, we can send them when Sparky or Inferno Dragon enter the bridge. They can be a tiny target for the tower or enemy’s defender. Otherwise, they can go reckless on enemy’s tower with Sparky or Inferno Dragon be tower target. 

tesla card-clash-royale-kingdom

We also have Tesla. Play with this card if you have play building card quest. No, more than that, this one is important for defense against building targeting card such as Balloon, Hog Rider, or Battle Ram. If you are building countering on one side, then enemy initiates bridge spam with building targeting card, just deploy Tesla tower. 


Lastly, we have Zap. This one is optional. Just pick the spell that you feel more convenience with. In some cases, when you have a solid counter and there are Sparky and Inferno Dragon following Valkyrie, the enemy could kill Valkyrie first. This is worst scenario guys, and you can use Zap to kill swarms troops after they kill your area dealers. 

What to do in early game?

In early game, you better wait for enemy to counter first and build countering from defense. Split Archers or spam with Goblins can be a good option to bait the enemy. And when they finally counter. You should prepare Valkyrie, Baby Dragon, or Tesla. What cards should you pick first depends on what counters you. But, for most of times, I defend with Valkyrie first.


Just look for the effective cards to defend in order to get elixir benefits

See whether Valkyrie can secure the lane alone or you need to deploy more card to help her. Just play elixir efficiently. After defending, you see Valkyrie’s HP. If she remains high HP, you can send either Inferno Dragon or Sparky. This is a light counter, and don’t be too overcommit. 

Another strategy is to initiate counter if Valkyrie can’t survive defending. Send Sparky behind crown tower. Don’t deploy anymore card so early. Wait till Sparky reach the bridge or until enemy deploys defense card. See what defense card they launch. And adjust to it. Here, the enemy will likely to send Skeleton Army or any other swarm troops. You can support Sparky with Baby Dragon. 


If the enemy can’t kill Sparky, they are done!

In this countering, you can send Archers and Goblins if you see any potential destroying the tower
. But if the enemy can kill your Sparky, don’t deploy anymore cards to support Baby Dragon. It’s time to back on defense. 

What to do in late game?

When you enter late game, you counter more aggressive. Initiate counter first by launching Sparky behind crown tower. Still, don’t get too hurry, wait till Sparky is about to enter the bridge, then you can send Valkyrie in front of it. After Valkyrie, deploy Inferno Dragon. Just go reckless guys! 

Here, you can add Goblins and Archers when Sparky and Inferno Dragon are on enemy’s territory. This is the part of massive counter guys. And by adding cheap cards, your Sparky will be more likely out of target because of number of troops. 

This is a counter archetype that is hard to stop

The point of having this chaos is to secure Sparky and Inferno Dragon. Let them kill enemy’s defenders while the swarms tear apart enemy’s focus. Remember that you have Zap. Use it anytime to support this massive counter. 

Always be prepare for defense. Prioritize Tesla to hold any incoming troops. Then, after you have Tesla, send more defense card. In defending against beat down deck, prioritize Inferno Dragon to kill the tanker. Support the Inferno Dragon with Valkyrie or Baby Dragon to handle the supports behind tanker. 

Card replacement 


Substitute Zap with Arrows


This is a refined combination of Sparky deck current meta. Of course, the Inferno Dragon makes this deck stronger. 2 area dealers will so much secure your tower and they are important in countering too. I adjust and refined the deck to become so solid so you can play it in higher arena too. 

Hope you enjoy this article and get more and more victories with this. See you again soon!