Are you devastated because you often fail in playing Royal Giant? There’s might be an option you haven’t considered. In this Clash Royale guide, we are gonna talk about Royal Giant gameplay that is considered easy. And also, explanation best Royal Giant Goblin Barrel deck, and see how we support Royal Giant. 3.9 Elixir only!


Welcome back again and Good morning everyone, I’m JohnnyBoy here ready to give you another useful article. And in this article, I’m gonna show you a short video gameplay and let’s see how to synergize this deck. 

In today’s article, we are gonna be taking a look at a strong Royal Giant Deck along with strategies, gameplay, and guide. We will include Goblin Barrel in this Royal Giant Deck. It seems like this strategy is another good tactic to succeed the RG. Having RG on the bridge will attract the enemy to send their defense card to shut the cannon carrier. Meanwhile, we indeed meant to attract the enemy defense so we can have bigger chance to succeed the goblin barrel.

I wrote you an article discussing about Royal Giant Spear Goblins combo And if you’ve read it, you’ll know how synergy they are together. Today we will add one more synergy card that can increase our chance of success and win the game.

Best Royal Giant Goblin Barrel Deck 


Average elixir cost : 3.9

Play This Deck


As you can see, we also have Valkyrie included here. She is the primary defender guys. And you might know already that Royal Giant’s most counter card is swarmy. Therefore, we need to bring one area dealer, and the tanky one. Valkyrie is the best option for that. We can use her to lead the defense line too as a damage receiver. 


Next, we have Bats. I highly recommend you to pick this one. Bats is a cheap card. And we can combine them with Valkyrie in defending to give more damage even to kill the incoming troops. You can use Bats to protect Royal Giant from behind too. 


Guys, in playing Royal Giant deck, we rely on counter push Royal Giant. And to succeed the defense, we need to bring Inferno Tower. This one will kill every tanker and building targeting card. I recommend you to combine Inferno Tower with Valkyrie and Bats. These defenders excellently synergize together. And by having Inferno Tower, Valkyrie will probably survive and be able to counter push with Royal Giant. 


While we have Valkyrie in counter push after defending, we can send Royal Giant behind her, and after Royal Giant deploy Spear Goblins. The goblins behind RG will hit the enemy’s defender. Although they don’t affect significantly, we can still get rid off Bats, Minions, Skeleton Army. Seriously, Spear Goblins will be so much handy in both defending and countering. 

Oh, and for the spell option, you don’t have to always choose FireballI personally choose fireball because the enemy, in most cases, will deploy their troops near the tower between our RG and goblin barrel. When this bad thing happens, I immediately leash the fireball to kill those interrupters and also aim to harm the tower.

Use Fireball to harm the tower and Witch

What to do in early game?

Guys, in playing this Royal Giant deck, our countering shall root from great defense. We rely on counter push with survived defender and then send Royal Giant on the bridge. If you start everything from defense, I mean you build the support since defending, you’ll get extra cover for Royal Giant. And that’s need expensive elixir spending, therefore, you’ll have enough elixir to launch Royal Giant in counter push if you play the support in defense first. 

After you have Royal Giant, you can send Spear Goblins behind him to protect him from small troops that can be so annoying if we ignore. Next, throw Goblin Barrel. You’ll have enough elixir for this guys, don’t worry. 


Send Spear Goblins behind RG to reduce Prince HP

Goblins in Supporting Royal Giant Deck

This is your no.1 counter strategy guys. All you need to do is to wait till Goblin Barrel, Royal Giant ready on the list. Do this combo after you have Goblin Hut built already. If the RG and Goblin Barrel don’t yet appear on your list, play defensively would be excellent. 

So, when you have the required cards ready, deploy Royal Giant on the bridge and once the enemy targets on RG, throw Goblin Barrel over the enemy’s tower. Remember, this shall happen after you have goblin hut built already. It is that simple guys.

This is a hard push guys!

Royal Giant is like a machine for me. And all we need to do is to protecting him by deploying any cards behind and front. You should see the video gameplay and see how I support Royal Giant from behind. 

So, in early game before you enter 2x elixir, just play defensive with the Bats, Spear Goblin, Valkyrie, and Goblin Hut. Or you can counter push with Goblin Barrel together with survived defenders. However, you can go on counter if you want with RG, but really mind the elixir spending.

Card Replacement 


Substitute Fireball with Arrows or Zap


Substitute Valkyrie with Executioner


Herewith, we give you a short video gameplay to show you that this deck is no joke. If you often fail the Royal Giant in countering, try this one. Good luck! 



Well, what do you think about this strategy? This Royal Giant Deck and strategy with Goblin Barrel is very strong and you can set this as trophy push Royal Giant Deck.

Hope you enjoy the article and find it useful. If you guys have any comment or suggestion, please feel free to leave that brilliant ideas in discussion section down below. And don’t hesitate to request anything for me to review in next article.

See you again soon and enjoy!