The refined version of best Pekka deck Clash Royale is here. Since the recent balance update, Dark Prince gets so much stronger and quicker. Let’s learn how to play Dark Prince in this best Pekka deck, the best deck in Clash Royale. This is it, the best Pekka deck Clash Royale in new meta!


Hey there, I’m JohnnyBoy and in this beginning of March, I will show you the refined version of my previous Dark Prince deck. Since the recent balance update, Dark Prince’s hit speed increases and it makes he moves faster than ever.

Since Pekka is the strongest troop in Clash Royale, I think she needs Dark Prince which deals area damage to protect Pekka in countering. The gameplay would be easy, but first let’s see the deck matchups.

The best Pekka deck Clash Royale


Average elixir cost : 3.6

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In this best Pekka deck new meta version, we don’t only have Dark Prince as the only one area damage. We still have Baby Dragon and Valkyrie which we use to give more area protection.

Since we have more than one area damage dealer, you won’t lose area protection for Pekka in every countering. Other than that, each of area dealer that we have is tiny tanker that you can use for defending.


Besides tiny tankers and area dealers, we also have quick troops which have insanely fast hit speed, they are Dart Goblin and Bats. I often combine them with Pekka in countering. They can support the area dealer and Pekka in facing any defenders.

Having Dart Goblin and Bats will quicken Pekka killing any troops, especially light troops such as Goblins or Skeletons as well as cheap air units.

goblin barrel-card-clash-royale-kingdomzap-card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

The next two cards are Goblin Barrel and Zap. These are spells which have significant impact to this Dark Prince deck. You can deploy Goblin Barrel in counter push with Pekka.


Dark Prince will protect Pekka in countering and can be alternative counter so you don’t always have to countering with only Pekka.

What to do in early battle?

So, in early battle, you can initiate countering first without waiting for the enemy. Keep in mind that you play with Pekka which needs lots of elixir, so, you better deploy Pekka at the corner of your lane. Before deploy Pekka, make sure that you have full elixir first.

After you deploy Pekka, wait for the enemy’s move, what cards they deploy to defend. At this moment, you can send Baby Dragon to give area protection for her.


Baby Dragon protects Pekka from above

Next, deploy Dart Goblin. Once you have this combination, you’ll likely to keep Pekka out of distraction because Dart Goblin will shoot any light troops from far distance. Also, Baby Dragon will protect Pekka from any air units or ground swarm. Lastly, if Pekka still has high HP, you can push even harder with Goblin Barrel. 

The point is to always have area dealer for Pekka

That’s the Pekka combo that you can run in early game. Not only that, we still have Dark Prince combo. 
In early game, you better separate Pekka and Dark Prince into 2 counter alternatives. You can run the countering alternately.

The way to do Dark Prince counter is to deploy him on the bridge. Combine with Bats, and make a harder push with Goblin Barrel. This is also synergize combo, Bats will help Dark Prince dealing with enemy’s defenders.


Protecting one another

And here, we actually utilize Dark Prince reliable HP to protect Goblin Barrel. So, Bats support Dark Prince in order to support Goblin Barrel.

What to do in 2x elixir?

Once you enter 2x elixir, you basically run the same countering. After you counter with Pekka Baby Dragon and quick troops, alternately deploy Dark Prince on the bridge to give harder Push. That can be one of scenario.

Quick alternate counter, so overwhelming! 

Just keep in mind, whether you counter with Dark Prince or Pekka combo, you need to deploy Goblin Barrel to give extra damage.

Another important thing is to learn the pattern. If you play with Dark Prince, you need Bats and Dart Goblin to support then, as always, Goblin Barrel.

If you counter with Pekka, you need Baby Dragon or Valkyrie to protect her from swarm. Be ready for Zap at this time. Lastly and as always, throw Goblin Barrel.

And for Valkyrie, she is mainly our defender but we can flexibly use her to support Pekka in countering too.


This deck is made without any Legendary card so whatever arena you are in, you can play with this deck. Remember to always start any countering with full elixir. Any troops in this deck is good for defense too, so, you won’t be running out of defenders.

I wish you a very best luck for today ahead!