This is by far the best Night Witch deck for trophy push. Let’s see the wicked witch’s greatness along with the best deck matchups for her. More importantly, we will see how Graveyard should work excellently with this best Night Witch deck Clash Royale. 


Hello everyone! It’s me JohnnyBoy’s and today we are gonna be discussing about a deck consisting night witch and graveyard as the primary cards. Besides both primary cards, we also have three musketeers. We can combine three musketeers and night witch in countering.

Night Witch deck for trophy push


Average elixir cost : 4.5

Play This Deck

It seems like we will play mostly legendary cards. It is, and for those who looks for the best recommendation deck for legendary, this is probably one of the best.

Alright, we can actually run the rest of the cards to be played in countering. However, we better keep them primarily on defense. So, deploy inferno dragon to counter heavy tanker such as golem, lava, or pekka might be necessary.



We also have electro wizard and wizard too and we can strengthen defense line. Deploy electro wizard to specifically counter the inferno, prince, bandit, ram, etc. Use him to counter the troops with dash or charge or burst damage ability. We can rely on electro wizard to do such job.

Combining electro with wizard will create stronger defense; especially massive counter. Thus, whenever you face incoming massive counter, you can deploy these 2 behind the knight.


Here, knight functions to be a stopper card where he will receive damage and let the wizards to deal and shut the counter.

If you wanna play defensive night witch, you can just deploy her behind princess tower. Make sure that you have at least one or two troops in front of her. She is weak. But is we have a damage receiver, she will show the truest ability. At least, you have knight or wizards already then you deploy night witch.


night witch and knight on defense

Counter with night witch three musketeers

This is one of counter combo we could get. The countering roots from playing defensive first. So, deploy the three musketeers first beside princess tower. Then, continue by sending night witch. Just make sure the night witch stands behind the three musketeers.


after defending with night witch, continue counter with three muskets

If these defense troops survive and able to continue countering, we can deploy graveyard on the tower where they head. Better set the graveyard as tower’s target so three musketeers and night witch will last longer and deal more and more damage.

Cards for solo action

Here, I’ll give you some secrets strategy to run. This is counter strategy and by doing this, you’ll be able to have a strong defense line up.

The first independent card is three musketeers. Since musketeers is not our primary card, we can play this in solo as aftershock counter. You launch three muskets on the bridge and they will truly shock the enemy. This time, the enemy shall deploy any cards to shut the three muskets.

Nah, once the three muskets get shut down, play defense again.


three musketeers open attack

Another card is graveyard. This is a special card and many players love to play this. It is because this one is easy to counter but can’t be let free. Once the enemy let them free, they will pile up and hundreds of skeletons will destroy one tower.

Deploy the graveyard in immediate after the enemy launches their counter card. You’ll get better chance if you launch graveyard after enemy deploys expensive troops like golem, pekka, lava. They won’t have much elixir to stop the graveyard.


solo graveyard right after enemy deploys golem

Not forget to mention that we have inferno dragon. This one is anti-tanker troop that we use to handle tanker. Nevertheless, you can play it solo to counter. Just deploy it on the bridge after the enemy launch their card. Inferno has burst damage ability and sure the enemy should stop this. Never underestimate the inferno in solo action boys.


Somehow, you can combine inferno dragon and graveyard. This is no worse than other combo. Sometimes I replace zap with arrows.


Double-sided counter

We can run this strategy because we have graveyard. First of all, you better focus on one tower at the early game. Open attack with solo musketeers will reduce the tower HP. Then, continue with graveyard in solo action on the same tower. 

Open attack again on the opposite lane after you defending. Still utilizing three musketeers to do this job. Then, you play defensive again utilizing electro inferno wizard or knight.

After you have three musketeers again on your list, deploy them behind crown tower. Then, deploy night witch to be behind three musketeers. Support this counter with the log might be necessary.

Nah, once the enemy deploys defense card to overcome this, deploy graveyard on the opposite lane. Enemy shall split their focus on both tower. And that means they won’t have extra defense on each lane. At this moment, you’ll reduce tower HP so drastically. Either the one with night witch or graveyard.


Remember that you should create a strong defense line up first. Play defensive with electro, wizard, inferno dragon, night witch, or three musketeers. Then, after they finish defending, you deploy another troops before they enter the bridge. That is the general gameplay. Thank you and see you later clashers!