The combination of Mega Knight and Inferno Dragon turns out to be perfect match. Dealing with area damage makes Mega Knight a suitable companion for the Inferno Dragon. At the same time, Inferno Dragon will breakthrough the enemy’s defense line and aims to the tower. The chance of succeed would be increased because we have Miner Poison as well. This is it guys, Best Mega Knight Inferno Dragon Deck in new meta.


My friends, you are here with me again JohnnyBoy, who will help you master Clash Royale. As I said, we will create a very solid counter line up with Mega Knight and Inferno Dragon combination. 

Our focus is to counter with these two cards, with one area splash cover. We pick Baby Dragon to do the job, and Baby Dragon is perfect.

Here, we will have 2 dragons above Mega Knight. And this counter can be so overwhelming for the enemy because they will have to choose which one to shut first.

Well, before we discuss the strategy, let’s jump to the deck matchups first.

Best Mega Knight Inferno Dragon Deck


Average elixir cost : 3.6

Play This Deck

Besides Mega Knight, Inferno Dragon, and Baby Dragon, we will enclose Miner and Poison. This is another counter tactic that I consider spam, because we can play it in cycling mode.

Miner Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdompoison-card-clash-royale-kingdom

However, the main purpose of having Miner here is to add extra damage on the tower. So, we can send Miner when the tower targets on Mega Knight.

Give enemy more pressure by placing Poison on our counter troops. This will prevent the death from Minion Horde. I often combine the countering with Poison, so we will get super extra tower damage, plus, there would be no Skeleton Army or Minion Horde that sent to distract the Inferno Dragon.

Bats-Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdomguards card-clash-royale-kingdom

Next, we have Bats, and Guards. These 3 are mainly the defense cards. The biggest reason why I pick Guards instead of any troop is because its shield. There are lots of benefits you can get if you defend with Guards. First, you can hold the first crush of any destructive spells.

So, if your enemy has Rocket or Fireball to support their counter, we can send Guards first. Then, after the Rocket or Fireball done, you can continue defending with higher HP troops.


Another card that I use mostly in any game is Zap. The reason why I pick Zap is to prevent the death from Inferno card.

In higher arena or in challenge, you would likely to meet Inferno Tower or Inferno Dragon. And since we don’t want Mega Knight to die with burst damage, you can reset the gradual damage from Inferno card simply by zapping on it.

You can play Zap spell pretty much in any field. In both defense counter, this would so much handy.

What to do in early game?

In early game, you can counter with Mega Knight. Deploy Mega Knight behind crown tower. Then, after your elixir recharged, deploy Baby Dragon.

Before you deploy any cards, please make sure that you have Mega Knight and Baby Dragon ready on the list. This time, we better don’t launch Inferno Dragon. Better see what enemy’s defenders are.

Another thing you can do in early game is to play defensively. Split Guards or Bats in order to wait enemy deploy card first.


Split Guards for card rotation

Then, if they eventually counter first, we defend with Mega Knight. If you defend with Mega Knight like this, you’ll be able to counter push with him. 
In counter push, you can support Mega Knight with Miner Poison, or Baby Dragon. Or else, you can combine him with Inferno Dragon.

After you counter with Mega Knight in counter push, go on defense. I highly recommend you to defend with Guards and Bats this time. Send Baby Dragon to join the defense if the enemy plays with swarmy.


Mega Knight and Inferno can be a strong defenders too

Otherwise, go with Inferno Dragon if enemy sends non swarmy troops and high HP. Inferno Dragon will execute any heavy tanker so easily. Just place the Inferno Dragon behind tower, so, it will aim to the heavy tanker first instead of the support.

What to do in late game?

Still similar with early game, you can combine with Mega Knight with Baby Dragon first. Then, send Inferno Dragon at behind both cards.

This time, you can give extra damage by combining the counter with either Poison or Miner. You may only can choose one due to elixir spending. But if possible, combine Miner Poison with the countering line.

Another strategy that you can do is to cycling Miner and Poison. If you decide to cycling it, you can have great defense because you defend with Mega Knight and Inferno Dragon.

In massive counter. Starts from defensive Mega Knight and Inferno Dragon

Remember that you have Zap and Bats. Although these two cards don’t affect defense so much, you can use these to help primary defenders.

Card replacement


Substitute Zap with Arrows


Substitute Baby Dragon with Wizard


So, in today’s article, we also gonna provide you a short video of the real gameplay. Hopefully, this makes you understand better. 


Seriously guys, this deck is powerful and solid since it has strong counter defense line up. Every troop can be used in countering and defending, awesome flexibility huh?

What do you guys think about this Mega Knight Inferno Dragon Deck? I hope you enjoy this article and find it useful.

Let me know if you have anything you might doubt of, or perhaps you want me to review another deck matchups, please feel free to leave your idea in comment section below.

See you soon, Good luck!