Best Mega Knight Deck in Current Meta. Everything is Stronger

Do you know what makes me still excited to keep up writing at work? I always think about the end of the day when I back home and celebrate the day. Busy day should be celebrated when it’s done at least with some friends and a cup of coffee. You readers are the reason why I still wake up every morning. So, please ask me anything you might not know and complete me with your brilliant ideas. Alright, this is JohnnyBoy from kingdom’s team and today I bring you another useful article that definitely would improve you. In today’s article, we will talk about the use of a deck consisting Mega knight Electro wizard. Are you looking for mega knight deck? You’ve come to the right place.

Well, as you probably know that there are a lot of great combo utilizing mega knight. On this website, you can find many great combos of mega knight such as mega knight with pekka, mega knight with bandit, mega knight with three musketeers and much more.

Today, we will talk a bit different because we have a very reliable defender, electro wizard. This is our primary defense card and I prefer this compare with others because we need one strong troops that can do solo defending.

Before we discuss the strategy in depth, shall we take a look first at the deck matchups

Deck matchups


Average elixir cost : 4.1

Play This Deck

As you can see that we have mega minion and witch that will protect the lane. These will support the electro in defending. And if possible, witch and mega minion can continue counter attack with mega knight.

It can be said that mega minion is stopper card. The solo armoured minion has reliable HP and it flies. We can utilize its HP to be enemy’s target while witch and electro deal with those incoming troops.


3 defenders against lava counter

We include archers here to help mega knight in countering. You might have seen this mega combo. Mega knight archers’ combination is one of the cheap yet strong counter combo you can get from this deck. Mega knight deals small area damage and high HP that will well-protected the archers. There will be one moment when you find mega knight be a tanker for archers. But there’s another moment you’ll find archers protecting mega knight from air units.


mega knight archers; run this counter often

Talking about air defender, we can complete the archers with zap. Archers and zap will create synergy. If you face minion horde or bats, you should zap them first than archers will finish them and free mega knight. I play with this cheap mega combo several times and this works.


leash the zap to help archers in getting rid of bats

Besides, we will have princess as well. The lady of honour will cover countering line ups so excellently. Princess will keep shooting its fire arrows from far distance. Better launch princess when enemy deploys their defenders. So, princess will shoot on those troops, not focus on tower. This time, we need princess to support the mega knight by supporting him getting rid of enemy’s defenders. Not to strike the tower.  After she kills defenders, especially flying units, she can focus on tower. This is how we play the princess.


send princess in far distance to kill enemy’s swarmy defense

The last card is elixir collector. To be honest, this is optional. I prefer this building because I want to try something new. So, this building will have two functions. First, this can be distraction building. Secondly, while collector be enemy’s distraction, this can fasten our elixir recharge too. Having collector means that we will be able to deploy mega knight so often. It also means that we have cycling mega knight deck here. However, this card is optional and you can freely replace it with any building card (I recommend building card)


it pumps elixir, and distracts enemy

How to start counter with mega knight

This is the number 1 counter combo we can run. As I said, this is the cheapest counter combo we can get from this deck. Run this counter often more than any other combo. The combo will enable you to reduce tower’s HP little by little, not so significant perhaps. But it’s still good to have this combo.

Playing with mega knight means that we should utilize its jump damage. Even on his arrival, he can kill or reduce enemy’s troops by stepping his foot on them. If you face the troops with tanker followed by supports, you stop the support by launching mega knight right on where they stand.

The support will target on mega knight and separated from their tankers. Meanwhile, we deploy archers, mega minion, and electro to deal with the tanker.


Mega knight is stepping on wizard (support) I swear

At this moment, you’ll be the witness of how incredible electro is. The wizard that I call so often with Dr. Electro will stun and reduce incoming troops. While the tanker walks slowly, the other defenders will keep dealing damage on them.


after defending ewiz, continue with mega knight in front

Mega minion roles

Here is one secret strategy I will give to you. We can use mega minion to be tanker replace the mega knight. So, once you have mega knight and witch or archers and mega knight dies while archers or witch connect to the tower, we can deploy mega minion. By doing this, you’ll have your witch or archers keep shooting on the tower. Run this mega minion roles in case you need more hit on the tower. We will get more tower damage by deploying 3 elixir only. If you think this is worth it, do this anytime mega knight dies.


First mega knight and mega minion, while witch remains full HP


Send mega minion again to tank witch

The Honourable Lady

There is another strategy we can run utilizing princess. Remember, we initiate countering by playing defensively first. This means, we deploy princess on the bridge to force the enemy deploying card. Princess on the bridge is an annoyance that should be executed quickly. Enemy won’t let the princess free because the more she shoots, the more the tower HP reduced.


princess force enemy to deploy counter cards. Initiate counter with this

Nah, after the enemy deploys their counter card for princess, we can initiate counter attack. Better we deploy archers behind crown tower or mega minion first before mega knight. Launch mega knight once you have enough elixir and just deploy him on where the enemy’s counter stand. So far, we fully maximize mega knight ability.

In countering, we still utilizing the princess to keep handling area damage. Countering with mega knight electro and the princess is what to achieve. There will be better with witch and archers. 


Defensive electro and witch

This is the best defense line you can get. Also, this is how you can start massive counter with the witch and electro. The combination of witch and electro can more likely succeed the defense because there are distraction skeletons from witch. Moreover, electro wizard will have 2 zap channels that can deal directly to specific troops. So, once he focuses on one specific troops then there is another incoming troops near him, he will separate his zap channel. One for the troops he specifies on, another channel for the new comer. It seems like electro can free you from worry.


Electro and the witch against lava loon


Alright folks, this article is for those who request mega knight deck. So many readers look for good mega knight, and this is it. We really recommend you this mega knight. Welcome to Best Recent Mega Knight Deck. If you don’t have electro or princess, you can replace it with other troops. But make sure that troop isn’t too expensive because we are trying to cycling mega knight here.

Thanks for your time reading this article. If you have any other request or suggestion, please feel free to leave you brilliant ideas in comment section below.

Have a nice day!