These are 8 Magic Archer tips and tricks. The new Clash Royale Magic Archer legendary card is awesome. For those who curious and haven’t unlocked Magic Archer, you need to read this article. And for those who already unlocked this one, you also need to read this article because you might miss something important.


Hey there, you are here with me, JohnnyBoy and I’m so ready to rock your Monday. In this article, I will give you 8 tips and tricks of how to play Magic Archer effectively. Alright, let’s jump to it.

1. Magic Archer shoots blue arrow which goes so long

The first worth to mention is that his blue arrow insane shoot range. Magic Archer shoots an arrow that can go so far, but he needs to get closer to the target before he starts shooting.

2. His magical arrow hits a march of troops

This is the thing which distinguish him so much from any other shooters. One arrow can pierce more than one troop as long as the troops are in the line of the blue arrow. You can use Magic Archer to counter Graveyard, he is very effective if you put him on the corner. Once Graveyard locked to the tower, the blue arrow will pierce to the pile up skeletons. 

3. Targets on ground and air unit at the same time

Not only shoots hybrid troops, he can shoot both ground and air unit at the same time. 

4. Shoots tower and troops at the same time 

His piercing and long-ranged arrow bring much benefits, and this makes Magic Archer so unique. Unlike Princess and X-bow, they shoot but locked to a group of target. Magic Archer also locked to a specific target, but the blue arrow that pierce could hit the tower too, if the marched troops are in line with the tower. 

5. Place Magic Archer on opposite site

Just similar as you play Princess, in defending, place Magic Archer on opposite lane for his safety. 

6. He can easily kill Night Witch along with her bats

Remember, Magic Archer can kill both air and ground units at the same time. Due to his uniqueness, Night Witch and the bats won’t be major issue, especially Night Witch is a melee and walks so slow, Magic Archer just need to shoot her from far distance. 

7. Faster shoot but lower distance 

For those who don’t know yet, two shoots of Magic Archer equals to one shoot of Princess. However, Magic Archer needs to step closer to the Princess since he has lower shoot range. If we meet both face to face, Magic Archer still win the one by one due to his higher HP. 

8. Work mutually with any tanker 

Lastly, Magic Archer is a very good support for any tanker guys, you want a sustained DPS dealer to help your tanker. On the other hand, Magic Archer will love to be protected by the tanker. So, they both are mutual. 



Overall performance of Magic Archer is excellent guys. It’s clear why he is labeled as legendary card because his blue arrow is magical, it pierces marched troops. He is also unique because his arrow can go far, but he needs close distance to start shooting. You better unlock him and play with him soon, feel the benefits. Good luck!