This is the top Hog Rider deck Clash Royale! Let’s see how to play Lumberjack in Hog Rider deck and see what others card that can suit the deck excellently. Lumberjack really gives significant influence in this top Hog Rider deck.


Hi, I’m JohnnyBoy here and today I will show you the very recent top Hog Rider deck Clash Royale. Also, I will give you a brief explanation of how to play the Hog Rider deck in best possible way. Alright, this is the deck.

Top Hog Rider deck Clash Royale


Average elixir cost : 3.4

Play This Deck

hog rider-building targeting card clash royale

Hog Rider is of course the no.1 winning condition in this deck. We will use Hog Rider in counter push after we make sure our lane is secure already. In most cases, I also often use Hog Rider as bridge spam attacker.


Lumberjack is undoubtedly gives significant impact to this deck as he is another bridge spam troop. Other than that, we can use Lumberjack for defense against ground melee.


Valkyrie is the no.1 defender as she is the one with highest HP. If you play with this Hog Rider deck in higher arena, you need one troop to be a damage receiver. Additionally, Valkyrie can give area protection for Hog Rider and Lumberjack in counter push.


Baby Dragon is similar to Valkyrie. We can use Baby Dragon to counter enemy’s swarm units such as Bats or Minions.


Inferno Dragon has burst damage ability which we can utilize to kill any tanker of enemy’s. Defending against tanker with Inferno Dragon will generate positive elixir trade and so we could be able to counter push with bridge spam troops.


Bats are the cheapest troop in this top Hog Rider deck. We can use them in pretty much any situations. Most noteworthy, we can strengthen counter push with Bats to give crazy fast DPS on enemy’s troops or tower.


Zap is considered necessary as we play with bridge spam Lumberjack and Hog Rider. We can use it to kill both air and ground swarm. Also, since we play with Inferno Dragon, you’ll likely to meet enemy with Inferno card, use Zap to reset its burst damage.


Arrows has similar function like Zap. We can use it to support counter push of when we defend against many swarms.

How to play top Hog Rider deck in best possible way?

The best possible way to win the game with this top Hog Rider deck is to dare doing bridge spam Lumberjack or Hog Rider. Before doing the bridge spam, make sure that you defend the lane in effective way so you don’t waste unnecessary elixir.

Dare to do bridge spam Hog Rider of Lumberjack

In defending effectively, choose the appropriate troops to counter specific troops of enemy’s. Don’t deploy many troops to secure the lane if one Valkyrie, Lumberjack, or dragon can kill the enemy’s attackers.


If Valkyrie and Bats are enough, don’t waste more elixir

If you already use Lumberjack in defending and he can survive, go on counter push by deploying Hog Rider or Inferno Dragon on the bridge. Well, basically, it’s up to you to choose the card to join Lumberjack in counter push.


This is how we counter push with Hog Rider

Remember to prepare Zap or Arrows to prevent swarmy ambush when you have the counter push troops in enemy’s lane.

Another best possible way is of course counter push with Hog Rider. After doing effective defending, you can deploy Hog Rider to join the survived defenders. In doing counter push with Hog Rider, always prepare Arrows or Zap. 

Arrows prediction 

It would be better if Lumberjack is there also. As I said earlier, Lumberjack gives significant impact to this deck. After he dies, Hog Rider and other troops would move faster.

Lumberjack plays significant role

In 2x elixir, you can go on even crazier by bringing Inferno Dragon to join the defenders and so you’ll have inferno in counter push. Inferno Dragon will give great pressure on enemy as it can’t be let free. You’ll have insane counter push line if you have Inferno Dragon in it.


Well, that’s it guys the card recommendation and brief explanation to play the top Hog Rider deck in best possible way. I wish you the very best luck!