If you love playing with Goblins and do plenty of bait, you need to try this deck. This Goblin Three Musketeers deck will include every goblin card except spear goblins and goblin hut. However, we will include three musketeers and miner as winning conditions. This is it, best goblin deck clash royale three musketeers


Hey there, you are with me again with a new article guide talking about goblin deck with three muskteers and miner. The average elixir is pretty cheap, 3.4. Alright, let’s see the deck mathcup and then talking the strategy. 

Best goblin deck clash royale with three musketeers


Average elixir cost : 3.4

Play This Deck


goblins-card-clash-royale-kingdomgoblin barrel-card-clash-royale-kingdomdart_goblin-card-clash-royale-kingdomgoblin gang-card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

We will use all of these goblin card as defenders primarily and to be placed behind three muskteers in countering. We can use goblin barrel as the crazy attackers which we deploy right after miner. 


Ice golem is the tiny tanker which we use to be damage receiver. Besides, we can play ice golem to lead three musketeers in countering. 

Always play three musketeers since defending, and remember to deploy them at the middle so they will separate one-two. We put ice golem in front of the two line musketeers. 

Miner Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

Miner is the controller. Three musketeers miner control is the strongest countering archetype we can run. First of all, use three musketeers as defenders, deploy them at the middle as usual, then right before the two line musketeers touch the bridge, send miner. Here, miner would be the tower target. 


Lastly, we have zap. This is the only spell that we have. You don’t need many of spell, we need the slot for goblin cards and 3M. Use zap to help both countering and defending. 

Attacking and defending

The key of countering is three musketeers miner control, where miner will distract the tower and let 3M connect to the tower.

After defense, go like this

Secondly, we can counter push with ice golem in front of two lines musketeers. 

Counter push with ice golem and goblin barrel

Use goblins to defend against non-heavy troops. And if you defend against heavy troops like Pekka, golem or dragon, use musketeers. Remember to use ice golem or goblins to hold the support behind the heavy troops so musketeers or goblin can focus on that specific troops. 


3M behind everything, cycle cheap cards to hold opponent


You need to start every countering with defensive musketeers first. In defending, use any of goblins to help musketeers so they won’t lose HP. Otherwise you can gang the opponent with goblin gang, just deploy any of the goblins ready on the list. 


Use goblins to help 3M

Right after defending which likely you succeed, send miner to be tower target. 

At this moment miner arrives at the tower, you can send goblin barrel or goblin gang. If you decide to go with goblin gang, deploy them behind three musketeers and they will catch up with 3M. 

Goblins are helpful in both defending and countering


The game would be so similar in 2x elixir. Use three musketeers in defending first, send goblins or ice golem to help 3M, and then before 3M enter opponent’s territory, send miner. 

Since you have plenty of goblins, you can go crazy by sending goblin gang before the bridge. Afterwards, send miner and make sure the tower targets on miner not goblins. 

In any countering with 3M, or counter push with ice golem, you can always throw goblin barrel to harden the push. 


That’s the best goblin deck with three musketeers, easy gameplay, cheap deck, and great chance to win. You need to try this one, and you’ll thank me later. See you again soon in another Clash Royale guide article!