Goblin Barrel is considered one of the most overwhelming card in Clash Royale. If you know how to play Goblin Barrel, you’ll likely win the game. Let’s learn how to play Goblin Barrel deck and see how to combine Giant and Lumberjack in this most incredible and the best Goblin Barrel deck.


Hey there, you are here with me again JohnnyBoy. And today, I will show you the best Goblin Barrel deck along with strategy to play the deck. We will include Giant and Lumberjack as the primary card which give significant impact to our best Goblin Barrel deck. Before we start the discussion, let’s see the deck matchups first.

The Best Goblin Barrel deck in Clash Royale


Average elixir cost : 3.8

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building targeting card clash royale-giantwizard-card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

As you can see, we will have Giant Wizard combo which we will play as the no.1 counter combo in this Goblin Barrel deck. If you wanna succeed the countering with Goblin Barrel, I think you need to have a strong combo which can be the enemy’s focus whenever we get into their territory. By doing so, Goblin Barrel will be on its best performance since they are out of target.

I pick Giant and Wizard to be the combo is because they are easy to play. All we need to do is to put Giant in front of Wizard, then, we throw the Goblin Barrel.

Lumberjack-Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdomgoblin barrel-card-clash-royale-kingdom

Next, we will have Lumberjack. This is the no.2 counter combo troop which we combine with Goblin Barrel. Play Lumberjack as bridge spam counter, and once the enemy tower targets on him, we throw the Goblin Barrel. Although this sounds so easy to shut, but sometimes, the enemy doesn’t have counter card for Goblin Barrel.

Minions Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

The rest of the cards are actually support cards, yet they are still important. We have Minions as air units’ assassins. I mainly use Minions for defense and if you need cheap defense, you can just send Minions to kill the enemy’s troop. But, make sure that the attackers already target on the tower.


Another air unit is Inferno Dragon. I use Inferno to kill tankers. There are so many deck that I review where Inferno Dragon plays important role in it. You can check Inferno Dragon deck if you are curious about it for more explanation about Inferno Dragon. In higher arena, you’ll most likely to meet other players with Golem, Lava, or Mega Knight deck. And we can easily kill those high HP card with effective Inferno Dragon.


The next two cards are helpers, they are Dart Goblin and Arrows. You can use both of them to help your attackers or defenders. And both cards deal with air and ground units.

Alright, so how to play this deck? I will give you easy explanation for basic understanding.

How to play the Goblin Barrel deck?

The key is to make a strong defense line up first, so you will be able to make a hard counter push with Goblin Barrel. In defending, I highly recommend you to have Wizard because he is the highest damage dealer in this deck. Then, you send another troop and make Wizard survives from defense and be able to continue counter push.


Place Wizard in safe spot, and if needed, send another helper

Pay attention to the deployment order. Put Wizard not too close to the bridge, better you place him near the tower so you will have distance. We use this distance to deploy Giant. Here, you are making the primary combo, Giant in front of Wizard.

When Giant and Wizard enter the enemy’s territory, you see what enemy’s defenders are. If the defenders seem a little bit hard to kill by only Wizard, send Minions or Dart Goblin to help Wizard. Once the defenders and tower target on Giant, throw Goblin Barrel.

Counter push with Giant in front of survived defenders, and then throw the Barrel 

Another strategy is to play bridge spam Lumberjack. After you do on first counter, you should back on defense. In defense, you still run the same method as you do earlier. Defend with Wizard as central player.

After defending, you can send Lumberjack on the bridge as well as throwing Goblin Barrel. Make sure that the tower target on Lumberjack, not the Goblins.

They are reckless! 

Once Lumberjack dies, Goblins will hit faster under the rage effect. And this is also annoying because we will likely to get so much damage on the tower.

Keep in mind, you don’t need to always play bridge spam Lumberjack. If you have Lumberjack in defending, you can counter push with Goblin Barrel. That will be essentially the same, we need Goblins to go reckless during rage effect.

Strategy in 2x elixir

When you enter 2x elixir, you should have a solid defense, and make sure that you have Lumberjack and other defenders that can help him. This time, anything you defend against, try to have Lumberjack as one of defenders.


Lumberjack as one of defenders

Then, you go on countering with Goblin Barrel. If you want to have greater and harder counter push, you need to deploy more than two defenders. So, in counter push, the enemy will get busy with your defenders and will likely to forget your Goblin Barrel.

After defending, Lumberjack will go on countering with another defender and of course, Goblin Barrel

If the enemy counters with not so massive counter, you better defending with only Wizard, so you’ll have enough elixir for Giant. When defending with only Wizard, you need to be wise, see your tower’s HP. If it is so low, send the helper defender.


After defending, deploy Giant in front of survived defenders. At this moment, throw the Goblin Barrel.


Generally speaking, you are playing with Giant Wizard combo mainly. However, you maximize their performance with Goblin Barrel. The combo works perfectly with Goblin Barrel, especially if you have Lumberjack in counter push, everything will be boosted so insanely.

That’s all from me, hope you get the very best result with this deck. Good luck guys!