In Clash Royale Arena 11, you will most likely no longer play Giant deck. Because there are many upgraded tankers with heavier beatdown out there. This is little bit nostalgic since I’ll review the best Giant deck Arena 11. Let’s see how to play advance Giant deck Arena 11 with strategies and tricks for counter defense. 


Hey there, I’m JohnnyBoy here helping you to master Clash Royale. And in today’s article, we will learn how to play the best Giant deck Arena 11. Could he compete with other deck?

Giant is one of best tanker in past time and there are so many players from lower Arena to higher Arena use Giant as tanker. However, since Mega Knight came up to the surface, clashers began to change their tanker into the new one.

We will include Inferno Dragon and Witch as 2 winning conditions in the Giant Deck. Let’s see what other cards we have here.

Best Giant Deck Arena 11


Average elixir cost : 3.8

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As you can see, we have Valkyrie, which is tiny tanker and the leader of defender. In defending, you can use her to be a damage receiver. The biggest reason why I pick one more tanker is to anticipate massive counter in Arena 11. You’ll meet heavy deck like Golem, Pekka, Lava Hound, Mega Knight, etc. That would be hard if we don’t have a troop like Valkyrie, trust me.


Next, we have Witch. Besides her main job as area cover for Giant and Inferno Dragon in countering, I often use her as defender too. Dealing with range and splash area damage makes her so important in defending, especially if you defend against Lava Hound beatdown.


The primary winning condition and the highest damage dealer is Inferno Dragon. You can send Inferno Dragon to follow Giant and Witch. This is massive counter and hard to shut by the enemy if you have Inferno Dragon behind a tanker and an area dealer.


Speaking of area dealer, we will also bring 3 spells that can help you in any counter defense. They are Fireball, Zap, and Arrows. Use them flexibly, and especially if you have Inferno Dragon in countering. Inferno Dragon is considered retarded by many players because it is so easy distracted. To prevent Skeleton Army distraction or Bats attack, you can use Zap.

For the Arrows, I often use Arrows to kill Minion Horde that enemy sends to defend. Sometimes, I use to kill Goblin Barrel and Princess due to defense purposes.

And the last spell, we have Fireball. Use this one to shut bridge spam counter such as Hog Rider, Prince, and Elite Barbarians. Or else, you can use Fireball to kill enemy’s defenders which placed near the tower, so you’ll get tower damage as extra bonus.

Minions Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

Lastly, we have Minions. Use three Minions flexibly in countering and defending. They are good for tower distraction in countering. In defending, you can use Minions to kill building targeting cards, or Miner. Just send them after you have Valkyrie, then Minions will give extra damage on incoming troops.

Alright, that’s enough for cards elaboration, let’s dive deeper into the strategy.

What to do in early game?

Since early game, you can counter with Giant, Witch, and Inferno Dragon. Just mind the deployment place and orders. First thing you launch is Giant behind the crown tower. Then, Witch after Giant. In the meantime, you might have to defend, and you can send Valkyrie or Minions in order to protect the Witch and Giant.


In the meantime, you need to defend too

Lastly, after Giant and Witch enter bridge, you send Inferno Dragon on the bridge. We make this counter so beatdown by adding Fireball or Arrows once the enemy sends defenders.


Inferno Dragon on the bridge

When you have the counter troops on going to the enemy tower, you need to support them with spells.

After you counter, back on defense. Use Valkyrie and Minions as primary defense card. And if your card rotated, you can use Witch for defense again.


Witch and Valkyrie securing the tower

Defending with Witch means that you are able to build counter push with Giant on the bridge. However, you should see the Witch HP, if she remains low HP then don’t counter push with Giant.

Now, in counter push with survived Witch and fresh Giant, you can send Inferno Dragon. Otherwise, if the enemy has tanker, you can keep the Inferno Dragon to specifically kill the tanker.

What to do in late game?

In 2x elixir, you can play Fireball more often. Still, you run same deployment orders and placement like you do in early game. But, this time, you throw Fireball to give more tower damage. And if possible, kill the defenders near the tower.

This is how you run massive counter after defending, support this with spells

Another tactic is to add Minions in every countering. Minions will complicate the enemy so much, and as I said, they are good for tower distraction. Three flying Minions will also help protection Giant from any ground and air defenders.

Card replacement

Minions Card-Clash-Royale-KingdomBats-Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

Substitute Minions with Bats


In conclusion, I wanna recap the point of strategy. The point is to have Giant in front of Witch and Inferno Dragon. Do the correct deployment orders; Giant from behind crown tower, Witch after Giant, then Inferno Dragon on the bridge.

Defending with Valkyrie, Witch, and Minions. Try as hard as possible to protect your Witch so she can counter push with Giant next after. Use the spells flexibly to support countering and defending.

Don’t worry to play this deck in Arena 11. After all these days, this Giant deck is still so strong to compete in Arena 11. 

Well, in its time, don’t you miss playing with Giant deck again? If yes, you can play with this one. The strategy is so easy, and you have strong defense due to 3 spells included here.

See you again in another Clash Royale guide article. Feel free to share your ideas with me or request me any deck review you might wanna discover and I’ll be ready to help you more strong deck.

Good luck my friends!