Clash Royale dynamic duo, Prince and Dark Prince is great combo. There is one way to make this combo even stronger, Pekka in this deck! Let’s learn how to combine Pekka with the dynamic duo and counter defense strategy. The deck will be so easy to play since it only costs 3,6 Average elixir cost. This is it! Best Duo Prince Pekka Deck. 


Hey there, it’s JohnnyBoy here ready to rock your day with best duo Prince Pekka deck. There are 3 winning conditions: Prince, Dark Prince, and Pekka. Those 3 cards have a thing in common, need to be protected by area damage. And for the area dealer, we will have Valkyrie and Fire Spirits. Although both cards are maybe not as strong as Executioner or Wizard, they can still well-protected the winning conditions. 

I’ve tried to include Executioner as area dealer, but that was too expensive. Then, I tried Fire Spirits and Valkyrie, it turns out to be a suitable matchups. Since we have expensive elixir for winning conditions, I highly recommend you to pick the cheap area dealers. 

Alright, let’s see what we have in the deck matchups

Best Duo Prince Pekka Deck


Average elixir cost : 3.6

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As you can see, we have one more card for area cover, Zap. To be honest, Zap has quite significant role here and it’s cheap. Dealing with air and ground units makes this spell so vital. We can use Zap to cover Prince Dark Prince counter combo and single Pekka with Fire Spirits counter combo.  

Minions Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdomspear-goblins-card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

We also have 2 more cheap cards: Minions and Spear Goblins. I often use these 2 cards to join the counter with single Prince or Dark Prince along with Fire Spirits. Although cheap, these cards can give additional damage on whatever Prince or Dark Prince face in countering. Another benefit of picking these 2 cards is that you can defend with them. Just place Valkyrie first or Pekka for defense and be a damage receiver, then you send Spear Goblins and Minions. 


The leader of defender, we have Valkyrie. I prefer Valkyrie rather than anything else is because she has high HP and dealing with area damage. Once you defend with Valkyrie, she will probably survive and so you can counter push with either Prince or Dark Prince or Pekka. 

Speaking of Pekka, I highly recommend you to play Pekka only in 2x elixir since she cost expensive elixir cost. But, it depends on what you are facing. If you need Pekka to defend against tankers or Mega Knight, you can use her to lead the defense line up. Combining Pekka with Spear Goblins and Minions will safe your tower, seriously. 

fire spirits-card-Clash-royale-kingdom

Next card is Fire Spirits. I usually joining Fire Spirits with Prince or Dark Prince. These spirits will protect your Prince from air swarm units such as Minions or Minion Horde or Bats. 

Alright, that’s enough for the cards elaboration, now let’s dive deeper into counter defense strategy. 

What to do in early game?

The counter archetype is to play bridge spam with 1 either Prince, or Dark Prince. And choose 1 or 2 cheap cards behind him. The cheap cards can be Fire Spirits, Minions, and Spear Goblins. I highly recommend you to include Fire Spirits in any countering bridge spam due to area cover. However, if you send Dark Prince, you don’t have to bring Fire Spirits because he deals area damage already. You might only need to bring Minions and Spear Goblins. 

So, you can easily counter with bridge spam archetype with 1 Prince and Dark Prince together with 2 cheap cards. 


Dark Prince with 1 cheap cards


Fire Spirits is a must to cover Prince


The point is to play bridge spam in most of counter. Play regular defense with Valkyrie then counter push with Prince is a clever move. 

Counter push with Prince after Valkyrie defending

Another counter strategy is to play defensive Prince and Dark Prince together against massive counter. And both Prince will continue counter attack after they finish defending.

This is how you can counter with dynamic duo in early game, it starts from defense

Lastly, counter with bridge spam using Pekka together with 2 cheap cards. This is also hard push you can do in early battle. So far, we separate Pekka from duo Prince in early game. 

Starts with defensive Pekka first

What to do in late game?

When you enter late game, it’s actually quite similar to early game, play regular counter defense, and counter push with cheap cards. To be honest, Pekka is just alternative counter that can make your 2x elixir feels stronger. The main focus is still on duo Prince and solo Pekka.

But, there are possibilities for you to get Pekka and duo Prince together in one counter line. Prepare Zap while you have 3 winning conditions in countering. 


This starts from defensive Pekka first, leash Prince, lastly Dark Prince in front of them. 

The key in 2x elixir to make a strong defense line up. Then, make a hard massive counter push with Pekka and duo Prince. 



Since this deck is so unique and different, herewith I give you 3 video gameplay showing you how to play this deck in real battle. At early time you play the deck, it might be hard, but when you get used to it, you’ll thank me later. Good luck and enjoy! 


2x Elixir time is yours. You’ll counter the enemy so massively and get the tower down. In early game, you just have to each single winning condition separately. Combining each of them with cheap cards due to elixir efficient spending. 

What do you guys think about this article and gameplay? Feel free to leave your comment bellow. Good luck my friends!