If you are looking for the best deck for Modern Royale Challenge of Clash Royale, you may wanna take a look at this. This deck would be consisted of the troops that are OP. This Mega Knight and Magic Archer deck combination will beat any of your enemy’s deck because it is strong deck and considerably cycling deck.


Hey there, you are here with me again, JohnnyBoy. So many of you ask our team to create a good recommendation for Modern Royale deck. And I decide to looking for the best deck matchups that is easy to play and of course, strong.

Alright, let’s see the deck matchups first.

The best deck for Modern Challenge


Average elixir cost : 3.3

Play This Deck

It is obvious that we will play Mega Knight Cannon Cart archetype here. And the combination will be strengthened by Magic Archer.

Cannon Cart is the one of damage dealers which we will put behind Mega Knight. You need a strong protection for Cannon Cart in order to make sure it will last longer and be able to continuously hit the tower.

Magic Archer is the shooter as well as area dealer. I often use him to defend first, and then go on counter push with Mega Knight. Otherwise, we can counter push with Ice Golem to give a little damage to the tower.


Mega Knight is the troops that we will use to counter push. What I mean here is that after finishing defending with Magic Archer or Cannon Cart, you deploy Mega Knight in front of them. At this moment, you’ll utilize Magic Archer and Cannon Cart’s remaining HP to continue countering in Mega Knight’s protection.

Although we use Mega Knight mainly for counter push, it doesn’t mean that you can’t defend with him. You can always defend with Mega Knight if the situation seems hard.


Ice Golem is tiny tanker that we will use to receive damage. We put him in front of Magic Archer and Cannon Cart in order to give distance. Then, after Ice Golem dies, deploy Mega Knight in front of Magic Archer and Cannon Cart.


Ice Spirit is the helper. I often use it to cycle card rotation or to mute the incoming troops for couple seconds. Doing that will help you so much while defending because you’ll be given more time to deploy the harder defender, Magic Archer or Cannon Cart.

goblin gang-card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

Goblin Gang is the swarm that I use to defend against Bandit or Lumberjack. You’ll likely to meet these 2 fast troops in the challenge, so I recommend you to choose Goblin Gang.


Bats is the helper for counter push troops. If you successfully send Mega Knight at counter push in front of Cannon Cart and Magic Archer, you can send Bats to give extra damage. The point is to always have Mega Knight or Ice Golem than you can send Bats.

the log-card-clash-royale-kingdom

The Log is used to defend against swarm and to protect Magic Archer and Cannon Cart in attacking.

How to play the deck?

As I said, this is easy guys. The point is to defend with Magic Archer or Cannon Cart. Then you counter push with Mega Knight or Ice Golem.


After defending with Cannon Cart, counter push with Ice Golem

In defending, you might have a hard time, so, you need to deploy Ice Spirit, Goblin Gang, Bats, or the Log to help Magic Archer and / or Cannon Cart.


Help the real defender with cheap card

Remember, our countering relies on how strong you protect Magic Archer and Cannon Cart while defending. Then, after defending, we counter push with higher HP troops, can be Mega Knight which is the best option, otherwise, Ice Golem.

Mega Knight leads the counter push

Since this is counter push, you are not forced to always send either Mega Knight or Ice Golem to lead the counter push. If your elixir is not plenty enough at the moment, you can send Goblin Gang to lead the counter push.

Just make sure to add more troops in counter push with Magic Archer and Cannon Cart.

Bridge spam Cannon Cart in 2x elixir

And one thing I want to remind you, better to place Cannon Cart and / or Magic Archer not to close to the river. Let’s utilize their distance shoot, place them near princess tower, or at the middle of your lane.


Distance matters

They are protected by Ice Golem or helped by Goblin Gang. So, they will need more distance after killing Ice Golem or Goblin Gang to get into Cannon Cart or Magic Archer. Defending like this will result a strong defense line up where we utilize distance and princess tower helping the real defenders.


There you have it. This deck leads me to fully complete the challenge. The biggest reason why this deck is strong because it is easy to play, and more importantly, cheap. In addition, the deck also synergizes one another.

I wish you the very best luck for Modern Royale Challenge. See you guys!