What’s up, people of the world! I’m Verdaccio, back with some message to deliver from the Kingdom. I gotta inform about a deck, this is for you, the best deck, who are in the arena 6. 


This is a series of arena decks guys! So, stay tuned and welcome to arena 6! Alright, without any further ado let’s get into the deck combination.



Average Elixir Cost: 3.5


As usual, the deck up above has a major and minor role play in the arena. It’s still optional, though. As long the card(s) you want to use have the same job descriptions, you can always put them on board.


Main cards



This is just the Bomber on a hot air Balloon. When you play using the balloon, you’ll give the enemy such a hard time if they see the balloon. The balloon is hard to be diminished if the opponent doesn’t have any cards which can deal with the balloon. Most of the times, when you counter using the balloon, the enemy will put minions or archers or musketeer to block it. We need to make sure our balloon will be able to drop at least two drops of bombs. Even two drops can cause serious problem for the enemy. Of course, we don’t let balloon without matching it with good backup. When you launch balloon, you better deploy minion or musketeer. Pick the card that can deal with air and ground. When balloon can arrive at the enemy’s tower in good health, hopefully it can drop two bombs.



The witch, when you have the witch in your deck you’ll get more than the witch, you’ll get skeletons too. She spawns 3 skeletons once at a time. She’s really useful in both attacking and defending. She can help clear the balloon’s way. She delivers splash damage with above-average attack speed. She can wipe swarm army quickly and be a great support of your balloon.





Wizard means a lot in this deck since it is the primary supporter which has the highest damage point in this deck. One wizard can pretty much be handling the blocking troops whether they are air or ground troops. Moreover, it becomes very useful because it can easily execute minions horde or minions or any number troops which are the usual cards used to counter the balloon. We can just send wizard and balloon plus rage to succeed the balloon get into the enemy’s tower. We can play a defensive wizard as well. We just need to put it in the safe place and with some more supports he will finish off all the incoming troops. By having wizard we can also start our counter-attack by playing defensive wizard first and if survived, he will continue and join the counter-attack.


Baby Dragon

Baby Dragon can pretty much handle any swarm troops. It deals with area splash damage and also it can be a good companion for the giant. In the game, you better put the balloon and baby dragon side by side. Despite its damage, the baby dragon has reliable HP too. Hence, you can more likely to put some damage on the enemy’s tower since 2 air troops run and fly side by side. In most cases, if you launch the balloon your enemy will block it using the minions/horde or any swarm army. That’s why you should bring your baby dragon together with the balloon; to quickly erase those armies from the arena.


Cameos cards

knight-card-clash-royale-kingdom Rage-Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom fire_spirits-card-Clash-royale-kingdom zap-card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom


The yellow mustache guy with a high amount of health is just another level of tanks. This one is the cheapest tank in the game. It only costs you 3 elixirs to deploy this guy. He can be really helpful as a diversion in defending. Yup, that’s right, sorry man. In defending, you can use this guy to go on the front line so your damage dealer can shoot the enemy’s support. While in attacking, you can use this guy as the main shield against a countering card.



If we play with the balloon, we should enclose at least one spell as well to plus our chance in making balloon get into the enemy’s tower. The best spell to complete this deck is rage spell. But it is optional, we can choose either rage or freeze spell. Both are good but rage cost cheaper elixir than the freeze. We have pretty expensive deck here and we won’t have another expensive spell; pick rage.


Fire Spirits

Go fire spirit! Go! Fire spirit is cheap and it has a lot of functions. It can help you wiping swarm armies with its 3 splash damages.



We can go with the Zap. Zap is cheap, efficient, and it has the ability to counter any numbered troops and reset the gradual damage of infernos. Bait the enemy using Zap, guys. You can zap either the tower or the troops which hit the balloon and re-target them to the other troops.

All right, guys! That is the best deck for arena 6. Use a flying destroyer to destroy the enemy’s base. Yup, that’s pretty much it. If you have anything to add, let me know guys! Fill the comment down below. Cheers!